Red, Red Wine…

It’s all about health! Red wine has had a lot of press lately for having healthful benefits.  The Mediterranean diet is mentioned over and over again in many journal articles, studies, and blogs.


Today, I even received a blog from Oasis of Hope Hospital, a facility with 50 years of successful, alternative treatments for cancers, also touting the benefits of red wine and resveratrol.  If you can take the time to read it, it is full of some really good information. 


“The equivalent of one to two small drinks per day of any kind of alcohol is associated with decreased health risks compared with nondrinkers, while higher amounts result in an increase risk of heart disease and stroke. These observations have tended to characterize light drinking as protective. The protection has been demonstrated in various population groups for both sexes and all ages.”

They also state,

“You may be wondering why this is so. Researchers say that up to two servings (240-280 ml) of red wine a day inhibits oxidation of bad cholesterol, or low-density lipoprotein (LDL), thus helping to prevent atherosclerosis. It also increases antioxidant capacity and plasma levels of good cholesterol, or light-density lipoprotein.”

I do drink red wine, but not that much of it, or very often. Instead, I opt for a teaspoon of Resveratrol tonic called VIVIX. This allows me to have the equivalent of 10 glasses of red wine a day…WITHOUT THE HANGOVER.  ALL THE HEALTH, NONE OF THE HANGOVER. Smile


Contact me for more information on Resveratrol or VIVIX.

Don’t gain a turkey in your pants for Christmas.

Oh, the memories of all the Holiday meals. Thanksgiving turkey, homemade noodles, mashed taters, gravy on it all, green been casserole, the feeling you get as you unbutton the top button of your pants to get in that last bite of Pumpkin or Pecan or Butterscotch pie…


Then you have the knowledge that you will get to do this again in 1 month for Christmas.  PLUS… you get all the food at all the Christmas parties and celebrations leading up to the big day.

Top it all off with New Years Eve when we over indulge in liquid calories as we make promises to ourselves we don’t keep.

This equals 2 months of eating to gain (whether intentional or not).  Many people end up gaining 7-11 pounds over these two months.  This makes keeping those New Year’s Resolutions that much more difficult to keep. UNLESS… We start today, by making healthier choices and even Just One Change!


cinch has been rebranded under the Shaklee180 name.

This is a system I have used for over 8 years now. (2015)  I used it to drop 55 pounds and have continued using it as part of my daily lifestyle choices to maintain that weight loss. (8+ years now AND 60 POUNDS LOST…)

As the Holidays approach and you have difficulties slipping into that festive New Year’s dress or those dress pants, if your dress shirt seems to have shrunk in the dryer, contact me.  I can get you starting to feel good fast, and keep those close fitting and looking “Oh, it’s so sexy”

Size matters! What does your dinner plate look like?

Health begins with the foods we eat, how much, what and how often.

Tonight, I was especially hungry, so I filled my plate!

Feel Good Fast - Full Dinner Plate

Grilled chicken boob (still moist and juicy), a baked sweet potato with Greek yogurt and fresh cut chives (not shown), roasted Brussels sprouts in grape seed oil, and a few peas that hubby wouldn’t eat.

It was a lot of food packed with nutrition, and I am full.  But why do I bring this up?  I am reminded of an Ice Cream Study. (It is time for desert)

What this study showed was very interesting.  The size of the dish and the size of the spoon.


If we were to take anything away from this study it would simply be this:

If you tend to over eat and always clean your plate, try using a smaller plate.


  • Buy a smaller plate. Not a dessert plate, a 10 inch plate rather than today’s standard 12 inch. Leave the same amount of space you normally would.
  • Make it a “pretty plate” something you would enjoy eating off of, perhaps a piece of Grandma’s China – make eating special, not mundane.
  • Load your veggies up first, then only take enough meat to fill the small portion left on your plate.  1 serving is 4 ounces NOT 16. Smile
  • Use a smaller utensil. When it takes you longer to get the food to your mouth, your stomach has time to catch up with what you are eating and allows your body to receive the signals BEFORE you’ve over eaten.
  • Think, think, think… Before, during and after each bite, and talk kindly to yourself.

Before you know it, you can make new eating habits that are a positive step toward a healthier you!

If you would like more information on healthy choices, recipes, health based support groups, educational seminars, or personal in-home consultations to take your life in a healthier direction, just contact me.