I believe you can Feel Good Fast by making simple, consistent changes to your daily choices and committing to those healthful choices.20121028_093316.jpg

I know the difference that healthier choices and the commitment to attention to prevention has had in my own life and the life of many around me.

I am a mom to 1 daughter, the light of my world. I am 45 years old and blessed with energy and stamina to keep up with her, this business, substitute teach, PTO Mom, run with a wild Rotary Club, and participate in 60 mile walks for breast cancer!.

My passion is to support people in living as healthfully as possible for as long as possible and in turn avoiding the degenerative diseases that are so rampant in today’s “America Land”. (As my friend Jim calls it.) I specialize in healthy weight loss, increasing energy levels, and building passive income streams to promote a life of freedom and enjoyment.  Contact me to schedule your first coaching session or sign up for your first group class.  We host them in the SW Florida area and online. Tess@HealthyGreaseMonkey.com


As a consumer I’ve found a vendor whose philosophy inspired me,
whose half century of science and integrity have earned
my confidence and whose products continue to give me remarkable results.

Nutrition, mindset, and fitness are the keys to an active, healthy and enjoyable life, by goal is to serve others in building more life into their years.

Our customers are smart about their health, they search for wisdom from nature before the reach for over the counter drugs or prescriptions. They are passionate about creating a non-toxic environment for themselves and their families, and they are fussy about ingredients in whatever they consume.  They are committed to investing in prevention and education so they can reserve the meds and MD visits for the critical care and emergencies.

I work with a local team of professionals, coaches, massage therapists, chiropractors, instructors, and trainers to assist you in “getting over whatever your thing is” through support groups, seminars and classes, personal consultations, and resources.

We love living life, not just watching it from the slow lane, but actually engaged and yes, many times from the passing lane. I am always on the go, many times by foot. I LOVE to walk and encourage others to embrace this lost art!

Contact me at Tess@HealthyGreaseMonkey.com for more information or to get started mapping out your journey to better health!

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