Hearty, Healthy Chili Recipe

School starts on Wednesday of next week and I am starting a new part time position at a friend’s Insurance Agency, so I decided today would be a good day to begin preparing “heat and eat” meals.  Enter, Hearty, Healthy Chili Recipe.

In my 6 quart slow cooker I layered. Continue reading →

How the Cinch Inch Loss Plan Works

Its pretty easy. Two delicious meal replacements a day, your snack bar, your energy tea, and your 3-in-1 booster tablet.  You choose your own healthy dinner choice, drink 8-12 glasses of water a day, and move your body!

You can go here for a complete outline of information on the system, and videos answering many questions!

The Cinch program isn’t just delicious – it’s easy to follow. Continue reading →

What do you think about food?

What do you think about food? REALLY?

When I plan and fix a meal for my family, I want it to be healthy, diverse, colorful, and tasty. However, when I sit down to eat that meal, do I even taste it? As a mom I am frequently jumping up to fill a glass with water or milk, get the missing item from the fridge, grab the salt or pepper from the counter, finishing the last part of the meal that didn’t get timed just right, or even running toilet paper to the little one in the bathroom. Then there is the ever roving mind considering all I need to get done as soon as dinner is finished, what can I begin cleaning up first, how can I multi-task to complete the tasks the fastest.family around table enjoying dinner


Often, I don’t think I even taste what I’ve fixed. I am the last to sit down and the first to jump up to clean the table. Hmmm. I know that I am making healthy choices for my family and myself, but choice I am making to inhale it rather than enjoy it can cause other issues for my health. Continue reading →

Attention to Prevention and a Bit More…

We’ve heard the news reports, we’ve seen the studies, it is becoming common knowledge that attention to prevention can assist us in living with a higher quality of life for a longer period of time, than if we continue to abuse our bodies.

Increase in Cancer Diabetes Heart Disease 1999-2009

Yet, studies continue to show that 9 out of 10 heart patients, when told to change their diets or die, do NOT change their diets.

A report from TIME, June 22, 2009, provided these statistics. If our medical treatments and options are getting better, then why are these numbers still on the rise?

What can I, as an individual, do to combat this increase in prevalence of debilitating diseases? Continue reading →

Thoughts on Weight Loss

What are your thoughts on weight loss/weight management? Do you see weight loss as a goal, or as an outcome from healthy decisions? Perhaps the old adage of “You are what you eat” could also be “You are what you think.”  Many of us, myself included, tend to sabotage ourselves rather than support ourselves with our thoughts, beliefs, and the way we treat ourselves.

My Facebook Page this week is focusing on different thoughts and patterns that different people have.  Some may apply to you, others may not.  I know as I looked down the list there are some who apply to me more frequently than others.  Why the focus on thoughts? Continue reading →