Finding Healthy Snacks


I saw some really good advice the other day.  When someone offers you something not included in your diet, instead of saying I can’t have that, answer them with I don’t eat that.  (for my daughter that is corn products, for me that includes foods laden with tons or refined sugars)

The difference in those two words is immense. Can’t implies you are not allowed, you are prohibited, it is against the rules.  Don’t implies it is my choice and desire to nurture myself with this decision.  A simple, yet profound difference.

So, once you decide you don’t want something as a snack, what are some healthy choices that will not knock you off your lead lap to regaining/maintaining the health you desire. 

Please enjoy this list of “free” produce snack ideas.  I gathered this information from the book, Why Do I Feel This Way? – Understanding Your Body…Discover Your Solutions ~Gaber, RHN & Day, RDC.  These colleagues of mine have spent a lifetime using nutrition to maintain and regain health.

If you would like more information on healthy snack options, contact me.

Apricots–A great addition to any diet

Thought to be the “apple” eaten by Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden, this power fruit is an amazing source of nutrition!

Healthy Apricots

When we choose to eat things we should make those calories count!  These little gems benefit the heart, muscles, nerve tissues, and the skin. 

Apricots can boost the critical levels of minerals that often decline as women pass through menopause. 

PLUS! These power fruits only contain 17 calories and no cholesterol per WHOLE apricot. 

Grab an apricot and enjoy your day.  Simple choices pay big dividends when we are talking about attention to prevention and our personal health.

Contact me for additional information on how simple choices could begin benefitting your own health!

Tasty (beginner’s) Smoothie

I am just beginning to delve into the whole “green smoothie” thing, so this morning I made my first attempt. 

I couldn’t even taste the spinach!

Here it is!

8 oz Soy Milk
5-6 Fresh Raspberries
1/2 Banana
1 Big Handful of fresh, washed, organic spinach
2 scoops of Vanilla Cinch Shake Mix
2 drops of Almond Extract

Pour it all into your blender, turn on the blender and let it chew it all up good.

Beginner Green Smoothie

Pour tasty treat in a beautiful glass

Try to drink it before your 5 year old steals it and devours it so you have to make another one! Smile

(Thank you to MaryAnne Holtz for letting me know how well my blender would work with spinach!)


Am I Clouding up for a Health Storm?

I CAN create you own health, whether I realize it or not, and whether I want to or not. 

Whether or not it can be freely expressed depends upon the strength and vitality of your tissue cells—and the strength and vitality of those cells depends upon the nutritional substances I provide.

Cloudy Health

If I don’t provide the proper building materials, how can I expect my body to build quality cells.  If I don’t have quality cells, how can my body hold up to all the stresses I place on it? My diet, my supplements, and the products I surround my body and home in can either support health or detract from it. 

When I, personally, begin Clouding up, my first thought to myself is, “What’s missing? What can I do to assist my body in repairing this issue?”

For this reason, I try to make more conscious choices in the things that surround me, the things I slather on me, and the things I eat.  It does make a difference.

I am a living example of my own choices.

Attention to Prevention–Water and other Drinks

The beginning of a healthy lifestyle does NOT begin with a prescription or something man has invented… it begins with the simple, life-giving, pure water.

I talk a lot about water, but it is so important in our day to day lives let alone in our attempts to avoid the major degenerative diseases. It’s the starting point when beginning a weight loss program, or a lifestyle change toward better health!

Our daily goal should be to drink the appropriate amount of water.

(Your weight in pounds/2 = your daily goal in ounces of water)

Life giving Water

The goal of drinking fluids is to hydrate your body. (not dehydrate)

Water Does many, many things for our bodies.  It flushes toxins our bodies, assists with digestion and metabolism, keeps our kidneys healthy, and even enhances brain function.  Amazing cool clean water.

When choosing what to drink, here’s a helpful chart.

Hydrating (in order of value)               Dehydrating

Purified Water

Tap Water Caffeinated tea
Bottled Water Beer
Juice –fresh-squeezed better Wine
Herbal teas, non-caffeine All other alcoholic drinks
Milk & non-milk(soy,rice,almond) Carbonated soda w/ caffeine
Carbonated soda w/o caffeine  

(information from Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual by, Reeder & Dr. Couey)

For more information on ways water could assist you in improving your health, please contact me.

Sadness is NOT Hunger

My Grandmother is 95. She’s led a full life of serving others, making memories, and loving all of us.  Her body and mind are beginning to fail her, rapidly. She needs constant care and assistance and I am 1700 miles away.


Grandma’s 80th Birthday party.                       Grandma snuggling in 1975.

My tendency is to take charge of a situation & handle it. I am not in a position to do that with my Grammy this time. Distance is the challenge. Emotions are seemingly overwhelming but my need to reach for comfort food, finally, is not.

I am comforted in the acceptance that it hurts, that she may be gone very soon, and that she knows I lover her and she loves me. Instead of needing a grilled cheese to cope today I allowed myself to feel the grief and found comfort in a hug from my husband and some sunshine.

The results of my acceptance allow me to enjoy my desire for a healthier lifestyle and the knowledge that I am capable of feeling the emotions without the harmful choices to cope.

Today I will celebrate my small victory over “sadness not hunger” and reminisce on the many amazing memories of my Grammy and thank God for the chance to talk to this confused, precious woman.

I will strive to maintain my health and quality of life so MY grandchildren may have as many memories of a vibrant, grandma able to care for, love, and participate in their lives.