What is Nom-Day? (Give up Hating Mondays)

So many people have expressed their disdain for Mondays that I have decided I will not have any more Mondays!  Now, I shall have amazing NOM-DAYS!

NomDay is a day to devote to tasty, healthy foods!

What is Nom-Day?

In my video I discuss the Brainy Brownies that my daughter loves so much!  She was begging me for one the other day, then I accidentally mentioned, “spinach brownies” and you should have seen her face!  LOL  (My Colleague Jenni Oates’ recipe)

I love the protein cookies that pack a punch of 6.5 g of protein in a dark chocolate chip cookie.  Sometimes I slip in some white chocolate chips to make her extra happy.

Finally, here is a link for some of the other Nommy recipes we use on a regular basis! 

Happy, Healthy, Eating!

For more information or to schedule a consult, feel free to contact me!

Make it a GREAT Day!

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Why it Works!

Yes, I had gotten pretty cocky! I hadn’t been called out for this challenge yet.  That all changed yesterday afternoon when Captain Jack Ivins of Team Believe – the team I walked in the 3-day 60-mile along side, last year called me out and challenged me to help make a difference.

Many think its stupid.

I disagree… This is a fabulous marketing opportunity to raise funds and raise awareness for a horrible disease that affects many and is horribly miserable for those who have contracted it.

Why it’s not stupid.

When hundreds of people donate $10 each – you end up with a LOT more than a mere $100 from one person.

When hundreds (thousands) of people post videos of them doing a stupid stunt for all their friends and family and acquaintances to see it begins a discussion about ALS and the research funds needed to help fight this disease.

My Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m going to make him eat my homemade stir fry over spaghetti squash for TWO weeks after this… He poured it slowly so y’all would get your money’s worth!


ALS Website


Page to donate directly Link

What you can do after you are diagnosed

I have a colleague in CA who has been living with ALS for over 18 years.  He is very knowledgeable and willing to work with others also affected.  If you would like to contact him, here is a link to reach him as well.  Please let him know that Tess Brennan of FL sent you.

You can reach him at this link.

Thank you for your time!  Make it a GREAT day!

How does Santa do it all? (I Know)

There are only 22 days until Christmas; Santa is getting really busy. The hours are getting longer, the time before the holiday is getting shorter, and there’s more and more to do and more stress is on Santa. Santa knows that eating right can help him deal with all the stress and make it through the Christmas Season… Then he’ll head to the beaches of SW Florida for a much needed vacation!


The extra jobs that Santa picked up, to make it through the economic downturn, was taking its toll on Santa, then he discovered healthier choices and now he knows he’s going to make it through the season with “flying colors.”


Santa knows that besides eating healthy and taking a daily supplement that there are some things he can do to help boost his energy levels during this holiday season. So, the Santa has turned to a well-known company that he trusts to provide himself with additional energy and stamina to make it through this holiday season. (Because Santa knows who’s been naughty or nice.)

Santas secret

(Here’s a little presentation about increase energy through nutritional choices. – 30 minute presentation)

Santa’s daily routine, throughout the year includes:

“When so many children count on you and rely on you to be there on time for Christmas it’s important to be on top of your game.” ~Santa Clause

So here we have some of the things Santa has added to his daily regimen as he’s attempting to stay alert and on top of things and make sure things are done right so that all the children of the world will be taken care of on Christmas night.

Santa’s special additions for Thanksgiving through Christmas (the busy season).

Should you need any information on these wonderful products that Santa is finding so useful, feel free to contact me or just check the links. Merry Christmas! 

Give yourself the gift of better health, just as Santa has!


All images, that are not my own, have been linked back to their source posting.  I love searching the internet for fun content… Hope you enjoy these pages as well as my post!



Okay, maybe it isn’t Ft. Myers beach… But it IS Santa on a beach. ‘Winking smile

Chocolate Covered Protein Bites-With a Sense of Humor

My darling daughter turns 6 on Friday. Saturday is her birthday and I am opting for non-traditional birthday fare…of sorts.

  • Fruit Salad with homemade organic whipped cream
  • Chocolate covered protein bites
  • Brownie pops
  • Fruit smoothies from Fresh Planet.

Tonight it was time to make the protein bites. I haven’t made chocolate for dipping in a long time, so I got to learn a valuable lesson tonight… that I will share. SmileDON’T ADD LIQUID TO YOUR CHOCOLATE!

Adding liquid to your chocolate causes it to seize and become a granular solid mass of useless schtuff!  LOL


Here’s the Good the Bad and the ugly of tonight’s cooking lesson.

Instead, use 1 TBSP of grape seed oil for each cup of chips that you are using.

I melted 1 cup of white chocolate chips to coat 40 protein bites, as seen below.  I use two tiny spoons to swish them in the melted chocolate, then move them to a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet.  I refrigerate them for 15-30 minutes, then move them to a container for storage.

These are a nice snack/treat because they pack a nice protein punch.  I only coat them in chocolate for special occasions, but love them!!!

Click the protein bites link for the basic recipe, then just roll them in your melted chocolate or white chocolate for a tasty, special treat!


For more information on healthy treats, contact me. I’m happy to share ideas!

What you wear CAN make a difference. Sparkle Skirts

Comfort when walking or working out is very important. If you aren’t comfortable you can spend more time worrying and thinking about how your clothes fit (or don’t) than on muscle control and technique.

I do A LOT of walking, on purpose.  Smile  I have walked in a lot of different attire, including tutus, and other inappropriate clothing for working out.

I understand the discomfort of shorts riding up between my legs, wedgies, pulling them up repeatedly so they would not fall off, and just being annoyed by the fit.

Healthy Knees

Attractive, yes. Functional, not so much – annoyed for 60 miles in a tutu…


Again, cute, however… these skirts lasted only 20 miles.


Comfortable, functional, useful, AWESOME.  This is one of my Sparkle Skirts.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this skirt. 

A friend of mine recently asked me about my Sparkle Skirt. I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I started telling her about it.  Here is how the conversation went.


It appears I was having some issues typing, but you get the gist.

I highly recommend these American made gems.  Functionality, appearance, comfort all A+++.

I am also excited at the spread of sizing.  0-3X and on occasion they will accept special orders for 4X.  Everyone deserves the right to look good, feel good, and be comfortable when working to improve their health and Feel Good Fast. 

Thank you, Sparkle Skirts!  And I do wish I could wear them to work! That would give me good reason to walk the 2 miles rather than drive them!!!

If you would like information on local walking events or healthy support groups, contact me!

This last photo is an inspiration to me.


Just for the fun of it.  These two men, wore these skirts, 60 miles at a time for 14 60-mile walks in 2012!  They are living by example!  They were fascinating to talk with.  Walking for a wife.

(No, these men are not wearing sparkle skirts.)

How to spend New Year’s Day–Just for fun!

(Update: She slept like this for a WEEK… She grew 1.5 inches in that week!  WOW)

Get up, eat a healthy breakfast of a chocolate protein smoothie.

Play with your new toys.

Put on your New Year’s PJ’s.

Turn on your Bowl Game and realize your team has forgotten to show up. (Sorry Purdue, but you Really inhaled forcibly today.) Then resort to the following sequence of photos.


Avoid watching the horrific bowl game on the television


Snuggle with momma like you did when you were only 10 pounds. (I know she doesn’t weigh much more than that now, but humor me!)


When mom gets up, stretch out and enjoy the W.H.O.L.E. couch.


When you fall off the couch, move to a comfortable location near daddy.


Don’t forget to make room for your cat. (Actually, she is HIS human.)


Now if we could just eliminate the finger sucking, today would have been perfect.  Now that the game is over she just came and told me, “Mom, we can go to the beach now.”

Black-eyed peas are in the crock pot and life is grand.  (We won’t really make it to the beach today, but I am happy to have gotten to spend basking in the sleepy snuggles of my darling daughter!