How to spend New Year’s Day–Just for fun!

(Update: She slept like this for a WEEK… She grew 1.5 inches in that week!  WOW)

Get up, eat a healthy breakfast of a chocolate protein smoothie.

Play with your new toys.

Put on your New Year’s PJ’s.

Turn on your Bowl Game and realize your team has forgotten to show up. (Sorry Purdue, but you Really inhaled forcibly today.) Then resort to the following sequence of photos.


Avoid watching the horrific bowl game on the television


Snuggle with momma like you did when you were only 10 pounds. (I know she doesn’t weigh much more than that now, but humor me!)


When mom gets up, stretch out and enjoy the W.H.O.L.E. couch.


When you fall off the couch, move to a comfortable location near daddy.


Don’t forget to make room for your cat. (Actually, she is HIS human.)


Now if we could just eliminate the finger sucking, today would have been perfect.  Now that the game is over she just came and told me, “Mom, we can go to the beach now.”

Black-eyed peas are in the crock pot and life is grand.  (We won’t really make it to the beach today, but I am happy to have gotten to spend basking in the sleepy snuggles of my darling daughter!

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