“Natural” products GRIPE MY BUTT!

Score a point for the courts and consumers!  One line of products will be a little less falsely advertised.  Check out the article here, on how Naked Juices have to remove “Natural” from their labels per a class action lawsuit and judge’s ruling.

I’ve taught classes on label reading and I frequently get comments like, “I don’t have time to read the label,” “I don’t know what have the things on the label mean,” “The print is too small.”

Relying on what the FRONT label says for the value of your product, may not be the best bet! It may say “Vanilla Cream” when in fact it has NO vanilla and NO cream – just artificial ingredients with side effects that can compound their effects when we add in the other things you are exposed to.

Don’t have time? When would you like to schedule your next bi-pass or biopsy?

Don’t know what the ingredients are? – DON’T buy it.

The print is too small? – They have “cheaters” at the grocery store, pick up a pair, heck even borrow a pair and put em back when you are done!

The only way to know what is in the product is by reading the label on the back. In some cases, that won’t even help.


When I compound all the artificial things I eat, slather on, and breathe, I’m not giving my body a chance to fight off and avoid those debilitating diseases that are so rampant in our society today.

Give yourself a break. Go au natural and STOP buying things just because the label makes a false claim.

(Please know, I’ve been lured in to this trap as well, just getting much better at being aware and making different choices today.)

If you’d like more information on label reading, or healthy choices, please contact me.  I offer personal coaching, group coaching, and love writing on healthy topics.

Using a Pen to Lose Weight

No, writing with an ink pen will not burn exorbitant amounts of calories, but it CAN dramatically improve your weight loss efforts!   When we have a baseline to begin with and work from, goals can be set realistically.

‘Weight loss’ strategy: Remember The National Institute of Health’s food journal project?

The NIH assembled a group of 1600 obese people and asked them to write down everything they ate at least 1 day per week. Slowly, people began recording meals once a week and sometimes more often. Some even started a daily food log and it soon became a habit.

The regular food log group soon found themselves looking at their entries and began finding patterns. The 10am snackers began keeping apples and bananas at their desk and slowly began replacing junk food with healthy food in all their meals.

The researchers hadn’t suggested any of these behaviors but the simple act of food journaling led to folks who kept daily food journals lose twice as much weight as anyone else.
This week, let’s create a food journal for our own heath.

Source: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
PS: Research has repeatedly revealed that sharing the weight loss journal with a close friend/member of family increases the effectiveness of the initiative even further!


So, put down your soda and pick up a pen!  Write down everything you eat & drink, raise your personal awareness, and watch what happens. It works and this is why I include it in my list of things to do when “Getting Started” toward a healthier life!

The exercise you ARE getting–without the credit.

A friend, and client, recently stated, “I would love to hear some non-workout- exercise ideas that don’t require massive sweating or leaving kids to be watched by daddy.”

This got me to thinking…  Many of us get exercise weekly or even daily that we don’t give ourselves credit for.  There was a study done on those working in housekeeping. Perhaps, we need to look at the things we are already doing and give ourselves the credit for what we are doing.

30 minutes of our daily activities can burn some calories for us. Here are some examples and the calories burned in a 30 minute session.

Active Gardening 37 Calories
Carrying a Heavy object 49 Calories
Carrying Groceries 72 Calories
Dance 225 Calories
House Cleaning 34 Calories
Roll in the Hay 17 Calories
Mopping 23 Calories
Mowing the Lawn 51 Calories
Actively playing with your Kids 28 Calories
Scrubbing Floors 34 Calories
Shopping for Groceries 23 Calories
Take the Stairs 43 Calories
Walking 34 Calories (depends on Pace)


This is a GREAT way to begin thinking about the things you do on a daily basis and the calories that it burns.  Things add up and your activity level does too.


Playing at the park, we chase her around on all the apparatus and play too!

tim bowling

Occasionally we go bowling with friends.

Some other ideas for some “non-traditional” exercise might be…

Park farther from the store.
Take the stairs when you have <5 floors to cover.
Walk around the block while your kids scooter.
Walk to the neighbors, the store, the playground.
Do crunches in your home.
Sign up for B.U.R.S.T.club.com workouts (11 minutes)
Do squats while watching a favorite TV program.
Have a “Dance Party” with your kids
Play Football with your Kids (or soccer/volleyball/etc.)
Swim/Tread water  152-167 Calories in 30 minutes
Challenge your kids to workout with you
Walk the dog
Wash the cars



Daddy & CLB having scooter races in the driveway.

We frequently have dance party in our home, do bike/scooter rides as a family, walk places, and just move about playing tag.  We have friends who get together and ski most weekends in the summer. (Pretty sure that counts as exercise) Just make ways to be more active, change your habits – even dance while you cook dinner – kill two birds with one stone and eat it for dinner!

Erick Flinn

Erick, barefooting. 

What things do your families do to stay active?

So, Medical Marijuana Cures Diabetes???

I have a friend with Type 1 diabetes.  I often keep my eyes open for any articles or studies involving diabetes and cures and such to send his way.

This week I saw the article title “Medical Marijuana May Lower Blood Sugar, Help Diabetics Control Disease”


I thought it was an entertaining title so I emailed the link to him immediately as a joke. Didn’t even take time to read it… But he did.  What follows is HIS perspective on this article and how Marijuana may or may not help lower blood sugar. 

Enjoy this “guest” anonymous post! (bold emphasis is mine)

Really enjoyed that article.  Thanks for sending me diabetes updates all the time!

The funny thing about this, is I actually told my endocrinologist, when I was about 17, that when I smoked weed, my blood sugar lowered without insulin correction.  Which it did, but I was VERY good about checking my blood sugar.  Like, model poster child for Type 1 diabetes. 

Plus I was a three season athlete, so I REALLY had to keep an eye on my blood sugars.  I didn’t tell him it made me hungry as shit and absolutely retarded, but I asked about the reality of medicinal marijuana, and he said, "Don’t count on it."  What actually happened, is once I got to college, is that I smoked a lot of weed and never checked my blood sugar anymore.  Which, of course, resulted in awful blood sugars.

It’s funny to me that this article is so political.  The above comment to my doctor was because I wanted to smoke weed – legally.  It didn’t have anything to do with control. That whole article doesn’t address the fact that you get lazy as hell, and don’t even want to check your blood sugar. It’s like being a "functioning alcoholic."  The purpose of this article is to legitimize marijuana since some 25% + of Americans have one form of diabetes or another.

The other thing this article doesn’t address, is that if you want to control your blood sugar, you can.  Weed isn’t a miracle drug for diabetes.

It never addresses the fact that personal responsibility, which you know, is SO much more important. 

People are always looking for the easy way out, like a miracle pill to lose weight, as opposed to dedicating yourself to a diet or exercise.  I decided, once we had our child, that I really needed to get on top of my diabetes… so I bought a pound of weed.

Just kidding.

I went to a new doctor, and with his help, my hbA1C (3 month blood sugar reading) went from 8.9 (really bad) to 6.1 (pretty close to what your hbA1C probably is).  And I don’t think that has anything to do with me smoking weed for 5 years or whatever, as this article would have you believe.

Anyway, awesome article.  I sent it to a bunch of my buddies that were diagnosed with diabetes after me, and they’ll get a kick out of it because they all used to smoke weed too.

Isn’t it unfortunate that personal responsibility is always left out of the equation today?

Thank you, to my High School classmate who offered up photos of his medicinal marijuana for this post!


Waist Line Reduction–Weight Loss is so Blasé & Fat is not Beautiful!

Let me be honest… The numbers on the scale SUCK!  The size of your clothing and how they fit are a MUCH better predictor of your health, and be honest… That IS what it should all be about!

To many of us have been told for too long that the numbers on the scale are what matter! The number on the scale may have some semblance of your current state of health, but really.  Dump it!

I’ve been the skinny mini who hated the term. I’ve been over 200 pounds. I’ve plateaued at 160 for YEARS.  And I even bought into the belief that I needed to “weigh” a certain amount.

Not Anymore! Today I focus on how my clothes fit, how I feel, my energy levels, and the absence of needed pharmaceuticals.

A 150 pound woman who lifts weights, eats right, and makes smart healthy choices will look different than a woman of the same height who never works out, eats whatever is on special at the market or restaurant and exposes herself to anything and everything you can buy at the grocery store. (Photo from Macey Brooke’s CPT blog)


I am also tired of hearing about all sizes are beautiful.  While I believe that all humans are beautiful, I don’t believe all sizes are.  When a human cannot walk from the car to the store and shop because their muscles and bones cannot hold them up, I do NOT believe that is beautiful.  (The size, not the person.)  I’m sorry, I just don’t.

When a person begins to see the Waist Line increase, the health maladies increase as well. Productivity in the work place decreases, absenteeism increases, medical bills increase. Statistics prove it.

Obese womanObese couple

I don’t see suffering and illness as beautiful.  The people inside the body are VERY beautiful! They may also be emotionally abusing themselves or even oblivious to the state their body has fallen into. They may not even realize why they are sick so often or sick and tired of being tired and sick.

Enter a different view of yourself! When we love our selves, treat ourselves as God’s chosen, feed ourselves as if we were offering a meal to HIM, we get different results than when we just shove anything and everything into our mouths.

This is why I offer Waist Line Reduction team coaching classes and Healthy living trainings in the work place, a monthly support group to those in the area looking to find others and Simple steps anyone can begin taking to improve their health, increase their energy, reduce their chances of being diagnosed with degenerative diseases, and possibly even eliminating pharmaceuticals. (as I did) Finally, I offer an amazing system based on sports nutrition. Nothing artificial, safe for competitive athletes and nursing moms.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I looked in the mirror this morning and I actually liked what I saw— not quite so “thick” when I turn sideways—it’s a combination of it all, you were the catalyst I was needing!!!”

My clients are seeing AMAZING differences in their daily energy levels, in the way their clothes fit, in their self esteem, and in how people greet them.  I find GREAT joy in celebrating THEIR victories and successes!

I actually walk around with my shirt off around the house again because I’m not afraid anymore that, if I bend in a certain way, my fat rolls are going to disgust my wife.

To find out more about how your attitude and choices can begin to reduce your Waist Line and Improve your personal health, contact me!

(Here’s an article from June 21, 2013 explaining how the American Medical Association now says, “If you are Fat, Does it Mean You are Ill? (Yes, Says AMA)”  Lets get YOU healthy again!

There isn’t enough time to Eat HEALTHY.

Time and Money… The two things that keep most people from making a change, a different choice than they have made in the past.

Today = TIME: Jobs, Families, Homes to care for, cars to keep running, shopping, paying bills, a little ME time, kids activities, second jobs, COOKING… The list seems to go on forever.

A friend and trainer of mine, Paula English, once asked me if my “being busy” was actually a bad habit I had developed over the years. I was furious when she insinuated such a thing. How could she say such a thing, I REALLY WAS BUSY.

Then I took a look at everything I was doing in a day. I took a class, Mindful Based Stress Reduction, taught by Madeline Ebelini, who showed me, through 8 weeks of classes and learning the secrets, skills, and benefits of being mindful in my everyday life. What did I find? (yes, that is me in her video)

Paula was right. I had gotten so STRESSED out about everything I had to get done, the schedule, the TIME, the quality, all of it, that I had lost site of loving life and enjoying what life is about. Enjoying my family, friends, my career, and in prioritizing what I did need to do and choosing to leave other things behind. (Even saying NO to some things.) *gasp*

In recent weeks, while teaching a Waist Line Reduction, introductory class, we discussed obstacles in the way of people’s healthy choices. One of the BIG things was TIME.

“Time to prepare healthy food, time to shop for healthy food, effort to prepare healthy food.”


Cook Chicken in bulk Healthy Grease Monkey

When cooking on the grill, cook extra to use the rest of the week.  We only ate 2 of these tonight, which leaves 3 to use for lunches or in a meal later this week.

Fresh Veggies are fast Healthy Grease Monkey

Tomato is slice and eat, salad is quickly rinsed and placed in a bowl, chicken was cooked in bulk, green bean casserole (from scratch – NO canned soup harmed in the making of this dish) also made in bulk to enjoy later in the week, on another night.  Beans were crispy tonight, so they will not be overcooked when reheated.

Mashed taters are from whole potatoes – not as quick, but doesn’t take me any longer than it used to when I made the boxed kind… maybe 5 minutes.

Pico de Gallo

Salsa is one of our main staples. I make a HUGE batch once a week and eat on it all week long. Burritos, egg scrambles, topping to chicken or other meat, hamburger topping, as dip with a chip or a spoon.

Quick snacks on the go Healthy Grease Monkey

By keeping fresh produce in the fridge, it makes quick snacks and such a breeze.  Here is a snack I’ve taken to work with me.  Throw in a little of a few things and go.

Stock your Fridge 1 Health Grease Monkey

Here is one shelf in my fridge tonight.  These are fast foods for myself or my daughter to enjoy with a quick grab.  Watermelon, fresh pineapple, blanched broccoli, Greek yogurt, grapes (that need washed yet), chicken boobs… all tasty stuff.

Stock your Fridge 2 Healthy Grease Monkey

My produce drawer is a bit empty tonight, was a “busy” weekend of running around, being the weekend of the 4th and all.  But again, quick easy foods.  Carrots, sliced bell peppers, organic sweet peppers, & romaine lettuce.  (My baby girl says the “OOOOH, THEY SQUIRT SWEET CANDY IN YOUR MOUTH!” when she eats the organic mini sweet peppers.  Love that she loves them. 

Bottom line:

  • Be mindful of what you are going to stock in your home.
  • Prepare foods in bulk to save time. It takes just as long to grill 6 or 10 chicken boobs as it does to grill 2.
  • Keep handy snacks ready.  Prepare several things at once on those days you are already in the kitchen. If I have to be in the kitchen while baking bread, I may as well be productive and get some salsa (pico de gallo) made as well.
  • Wash your veggies/fruits when preparing a meal for something else, again, use that time wisely.

I hope these tips help you in your quest to live a healthier life and to make healthier lifestyle choices, daily.

If you would like additional information on healthy eating or simple steps could improve your life left in your years, contact me.  Thank you, for reading!