How to Find the Time in Your Own Life

My friends teach me quite a bit.  I like to tie it all together.  I, personally, have been having some difficulties finding the time to… Work out, spend time with my family, make phone calls, schedule a meeting with a philanthropic group, and a few other things.

I was making myself crazy! There just weren’t enough hours in the day.

Then, I remembered something my friend Lynne had told me.

There are two things that paralyze people from making changes in their lives.  Time and Money.

This phrase resonated with me. I know that if there is something I really want to do/go/see/have… I will work to earn or find the money to do it.  I’ve done it.  Shopped in thrift stores, found super efficient and inexpensive household cleaners, begun coloring my own hair… all so I could afford other things that were more important to me.  I just never thought about time as the same.

Enter last week.  This was my busy schedule last week.


As I looked at this calendar and began wondering how to fit it all in and still be a mom and exercise… it hit me.  LOOK AT ALL THAT TIME!

How much time was I “spending” with TV, phone/iPad games, Facebook, just thinking – “what should I do next?”  So I made a shift.

I did some squats whenever I had 2-3 minutes to spend. I made meals in bulk on the weekend so my family could just heat and eat while I was gone. I scheduled the calls I needed to make so they would happen.

Enter my friend Rita who then said this next phrase and it all fell into place.

Feel Good Fast - Make the Time

I had a retreat this weekend and we were in meetings or together for meals from breakfast until after dinner each day.  Here is how I managed to “make time” for my health.  Just little things that add up to big results.

  1. At breaks I took the 3 flights of stairs down to the restrooms on the main level then back up to the meeting room.
  2. At dinner each night, I left food on my plate and ate all my salad/veggies.
  3. At breakfast, I scraped all the scrambled eggs off the crescent and ate a TON of fruit. Lots of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.
  4. Drank water and green tea throughout the day.
  5. At one break rode the elevator up to my room on the 18th floor and then took the stairs back down to the 3rd floor.
  6. Relaxed and enjoyed my quiet moments and short bursts of time outside on the balcony.
  7. I ATE MY DESERT – only part of it(a few bites) but I was MINDFUL OF IT and enjoyed the flavors, the taste, the textures, the sweetness of the carrot cake the size of the Sear’s tower.
  8. I brought soy milk and protein powder for morning smoothies to keep my schedule/routine.

We can work it in! It may take a bit of time to pay attention to what is going on in our lives, explore the possibilities, create new means, and then adapt to what life throws at us…

(I learned that at my retreat.) SmileIf you would like assistance working health into your own busy life, contact me.  I am happy to help.


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