Overcoming Obstacles to Weight Loss – What are they?

In a recent meeting with coaching clients, we discussed what obstacles prevent them from succeeding in improving their health and reducing the size of their waist.  They provided me with several answers.


These are the main obstacles that 4 women came up with to their challenges with weight loss/waist line reduction.

Eating with Fierce Kindness, by Sasha T. Loring, lumps all obstacles into THREE categories. (I want to discuss “Celebrations” separately)

  1. Loss of Heart – This occurs when we set an “end Point”, we become overwhelmed by what it will take to get there.  We give up and say things to ourselves like: “I’ll never get it right,” “I’ll be like this forever,” or “There is something wrong with me.”
  2. Laziness (don’t stop reading here) – This is many times a result of Losing Heart.  The task just seems too monumental, too daunting.  We assume a things must be “ALL OR NOTHING.”  We have made making “comfort” number one in our life as a habit.  This is when we need to think, “Does turning to food cause more problems that it will solve right now?”
    Are there more effective ways to cope?
  3. Lack of Self Worth – Being self critical, unforgiving of our personal mistakes, not feeling worthy of self care, or feeling ashamed or guilty of our actions.  Many times we find ourselves in a sea of others needs – We care for others  and avoid caring for ourselves.

If we begin to categorize our obstacles, we can see that Ms. Loring has an excellent point.  When you think that the average American will “diet” at least 4 times this YEAR, it is evident that what people are trying isn’t working for the long term.

When we begin to look INSIDE ourselves as the beginning of a new way of eating, living, and treating ourselves, long-term or permanent success is within our reach.

For more information on the topic of Obstacles to weight loss/Waist Line reduction or coaching options, contact me.  I am happy to talk with you to see how best to assist you in adding more life to your years!