Upcoming Class – Beginning Tuesday August 20, 2013

Level 2 Waist Line Reduction

Join us as we make the journey together. Lifting each other up for a synergistic effect, and celebrating the small victories as we learn, achieve, and become healthier individuals to add life to our years.

This class is for those people committed to:
* Improving their health
* Increasing their energy levels,
* Shrinking their waist line
* Learning how to balance their nutrition

This class will provide:
* Information about eating = health (What/When/How/How Much)
* Team Coaching
* Team Support in weekly meeting & in online forum
* Community/Support/Encouragement
* Direction and Guidance
* 1 Free Personal Coaching Session (if requested)

This is a 6 week class that meets 1 time per week.

A typical class includes:
* Group participation
* Accountability
* Learning to improve nutrition to favorite recipes
* A power time with topical education
* Homework
* Goal Setting
* Question & Answer Session

$20 per person per week.

Waist Line Reduction–Weight Loss is so Blasé & Fat is not Beautiful!

Let me be honest… The numbers on the scale SUCK!  The size of your clothing and how they fit are a MUCH better predictor of your health, and be honest… That IS what it should all be about!

To many of us have been told for too long that the numbers on the scale are what matter! The number on the scale may have some semblance of your current state of health, but really.  Dump it!

I’ve been the skinny mini who hated the term. I’ve been over 200 pounds. I’ve plateaued at 160 for YEARS.  And I even bought into the belief that I needed to “weigh” a certain amount.

Not Anymore! Today I focus on how my clothes fit, how I feel, my energy levels, and the absence of needed pharmaceuticals.

A 150 pound woman who lifts weights, eats right, and makes smart healthy choices will look different than a woman of the same height who never works out, eats whatever is on special at the market or restaurant and exposes herself to anything and everything you can buy at the grocery store. (Photo from Macey Brooke’s CPT blog)


I am also tired of hearing about all sizes are beautiful.  While I believe that all humans are beautiful, I don’t believe all sizes are.  When a human cannot walk from the car to the store and shop because their muscles and bones cannot hold them up, I do NOT believe that is beautiful.  (The size, not the person.)  I’m sorry, I just don’t.

When a person begins to see the Waist Line increase, the health maladies increase as well. Productivity in the work place decreases, absenteeism increases, medical bills increase. Statistics prove it.

Obese womanObese couple

I don’t see suffering and illness as beautiful.  The people inside the body are VERY beautiful! They may also be emotionally abusing themselves or even oblivious to the state their body has fallen into. They may not even realize why they are sick so often or sick and tired of being tired and sick.

Enter a different view of yourself! When we love our selves, treat ourselves as God’s chosen, feed ourselves as if we were offering a meal to HIM, we get different results than when we just shove anything and everything into our mouths.

This is why I offer Waist Line Reduction team coaching classes and Healthy living trainings in the work place, a monthly support group to those in the area looking to find others and Simple steps anyone can begin taking to improve their health, increase their energy, reduce their chances of being diagnosed with degenerative diseases, and possibly even eliminating pharmaceuticals. (as I did) Finally, I offer an amazing system based on sports nutrition. Nothing artificial, safe for competitive athletes and nursing moms.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I looked in the mirror this morning and I actually liked what I saw— not quite so “thick” when I turn sideways—it’s a combination of it all, you were the catalyst I was needing!!!”

My clients are seeing AMAZING differences in their daily energy levels, in the way their clothes fit, in their self esteem, and in how people greet them.  I find GREAT joy in celebrating THEIR victories and successes!

I actually walk around with my shirt off around the house again because I’m not afraid anymore that, if I bend in a certain way, my fat rolls are going to disgust my wife.

To find out more about how your attitude and choices can begin to reduce your Waist Line and Improve your personal health, contact me!

(Here’s an article from June 21, 2013 explaining how the American Medical Association now says, “If you are Fat, Does it Mean You are Ill? (Yes, Says AMA)”  Lets get YOU healthy again!

Overcoming Obstacles to Weight Loss – What are they?

In a recent meeting with coaching clients, we discussed what obstacles prevent them from succeeding in improving their health and reducing the size of their waist.  They provided me with several answers.


These are the main obstacles that 4 women came up with to their challenges with weight loss/waist line reduction.

Eating with Fierce Kindness, by Sasha T. Loring, lumps all obstacles into THREE categories. (I want to discuss “Celebrations” separately)

  1. Loss of Heart – This occurs when we set an “end Point”, we become overwhelmed by what it will take to get there.  We give up and say things to ourselves like: “I’ll never get it right,” “I’ll be like this forever,” or “There is something wrong with me.”
  2. Laziness (don’t stop reading here) – This is many times a result of Losing Heart.  The task just seems too monumental, too daunting.  We assume a things must be “ALL OR NOTHING.”  We have made making “comfort” number one in our life as a habit.  This is when we need to think, “Does turning to food cause more problems that it will solve right now?”
    Are there more effective ways to cope?
  3. Lack of Self Worth – Being self critical, unforgiving of our personal mistakes, not feeling worthy of self care, or feeling ashamed or guilty of our actions.  Many times we find ourselves in a sea of others needs – We care for others  and avoid caring for ourselves.

If we begin to categorize our obstacles, we can see that Ms. Loring has an excellent point.  When you think that the average American will “diet” at least 4 times this YEAR, it is evident that what people are trying isn’t working for the long term.

When we begin to look INSIDE ourselves as the beginning of a new way of eating, living, and treating ourselves, long-term or permanent success is within our reach.

For more information on the topic of Obstacles to weight loss/Waist Line reduction or coaching options, contact me.  I am happy to talk with you to see how best to assist you in adding more life to your years!