New Beginnings 2017

Danny Gokey posted this on facebook and it spoke  loudly to me.

I’ve been on a hiatus for quite a while. Friends have been requesting blog articles and recipes, so perhaps I should see if I can get back here more often.

I am teaching a 2nd grade class of kiddos this year and learning SO much! The kiddos teach me daily what unconditional love is and how important each individual is to the world.

This past week, I realized that I had forgotten a lesson from when I was in my Life Coach training. I forgot about focusing on the positive, about not dwelling on the negative, and how quickly one can spiral into unhealthy habits both physically and mentally. 

I leave class early each day to keep cars from entering into our bus loading area. I redirect drivers, daily, and remind them that we need to keep our babies safe. There is a lot of quiet time for me to think.

It was during this quiet time that it hit me. For nearly two years I have been focusing on the flaws of others.  This habit, in turn, has caused me to dwell on the negative and, in some cases, not see the positive.

My God has been sending me messages, not sure for how long, but He has purposefully placed people and memes in my path and it wasn’t until Wednesday that I deciphered the message.

I NEED TO CHANGE. I need to focus on how I look at things. What light am I shining on each scenario. We can not EVER expect another to change, however, we can change the one in the mirror. Many times over, I have noticed differences in others when I focus on being the change I wish to see. 

If you are still with me, I thank you for reading and I ask those who know me to help hold me accountable.  Smile and tug on your ear or simply tell me, “hey, you are regressing” 🙂

Happy 2017! Be the change YOU wish to see, in the world around you.

God Bless!

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