So, Medical Marijuana Cures Diabetes???

I have a friend with Type 1 diabetes.  I often keep my eyes open for any articles or studies involving diabetes and cures and such to send his way.

This week I saw the article title “Medical Marijuana May Lower Blood Sugar, Help Diabetics Control Disease”


I thought it was an entertaining title so I emailed the link to him immediately as a joke. Didn’t even take time to read it… But he did.  What follows is HIS perspective on this article and how Marijuana may or may not help lower blood sugar. 

Enjoy this “guest” anonymous post! (bold emphasis is mine)

Really enjoyed that article.  Thanks for sending me diabetes updates all the time!

The funny thing about this, is I actually told my endocrinologist, when I was about 17, that when I smoked weed, my blood sugar lowered without insulin correction.  Which it did, but I was VERY good about checking my blood sugar.  Like, model poster child for Type 1 diabetes. 

Plus I was a three season athlete, so I REALLY had to keep an eye on my blood sugars.  I didn’t tell him it made me hungry as shit and absolutely retarded, but I asked about the reality of medicinal marijuana, and he said, "Don’t count on it."  What actually happened, is once I got to college, is that I smoked a lot of weed and never checked my blood sugar anymore.  Which, of course, resulted in awful blood sugars.

It’s funny to me that this article is so political.  The above comment to my doctor was because I wanted to smoke weed – legally.  It didn’t have anything to do with control. That whole article doesn’t address the fact that you get lazy as hell, and don’t even want to check your blood sugar. It’s like being a "functioning alcoholic."  The purpose of this article is to legitimize marijuana since some 25% + of Americans have one form of diabetes or another.

The other thing this article doesn’t address, is that if you want to control your blood sugar, you can.  Weed isn’t a miracle drug for diabetes.

It never addresses the fact that personal responsibility, which you know, is SO much more important. 

People are always looking for the easy way out, like a miracle pill to lose weight, as opposed to dedicating yourself to a diet or exercise.  I decided, once we had our child, that I really needed to get on top of my diabetes… so I bought a pound of weed.

Just kidding.

I went to a new doctor, and with his help, my hbA1C (3 month blood sugar reading) went from 8.9 (really bad) to 6.1 (pretty close to what your hbA1C probably is).  And I don’t think that has anything to do with me smoking weed for 5 years or whatever, as this article would have you believe.

Anyway, awesome article.  I sent it to a bunch of my buddies that were diagnosed with diabetes after me, and they’ll get a kick out of it because they all used to smoke weed too.

Isn’t it unfortunate that personal responsibility is always left out of the equation today?

Thank you, to my High School classmate who offered up photos of his medicinal marijuana for this post!