A Magical Exercise that can be Done Anywhere.

So many people frequently tell me they Don’t have Time to work out, their schedule is just so full.  People work many hours, several jobs, have kids activities to attend… so an exercise that they can do anywhere would be very helpful!  Enter stretching AND THE SQUAT!

Last year, at one of our Feel Good Fast Support Group meeting, we heard from Dr. Christopher Green, of the Chiropractic Care and Rehab Center in Estero, Florida, about movement and the importance of movement in daily life.

Dr. Green shared stretches with us and a simple exercise that can be done anywhere to assist with and allow continued mobility in most anyone.  He explained how he believes the perfect exercise is running, (I’m still walking.) and a close follow-up is the squat.

So, here is how Dr. Green explained the proper technique to the squat. (50 per day is idea – you don’t have to do them all at once) You can do these, literally anywhere. These are beginner squats – as you become more comfortable, stronger and balanced, you can do these squats without a chair!

Begin by sitting in a chair, then sit up straight and stand up. (Do NOT lean forward to stand up, just stand straight up.)Congratulations, you are half done!


Next, hold your hands out in front of you and look up! (This helps you keep your head back and your back straight) And sit back down, gently and controlled.


You have successfully completed 1 squat!  Now only 49 more to go. Smile  (Start off small – maybe 25 a day – 5 at a time, 5 times throughout the day.  Then begin to work up to that magical number of 50)


Yes, I AM holding a magic wand from the movie FROZEN.  It was a stipulation for my amazing photographer, CLB.  If I would hold the wand in my hand during the shots, she would capture them for me.  You have to compromise sometimes to work with the best!  (She is after all… almost 7)

This amazing exercise is GREAT for your core, AND to assist in bladder control as well.  (Just a handy little side note for you.)

For more information on simple exercises to make a big impact on your health or for personal coaching, please, feel free to contact me!


So, I’ve done one training walk since Tampa… The couch Is not my friend… I stepped on the scale last night and I am up 7 pounds (not that that is the end all be all, but I’ve done nothing…)…and this morning was the Jingle Jog…not my typical cushy 5k… This was a true cross country race, and my first ever.


I am happy with my 39.45 finish in that it was under 40 minutes, but disappointed that I was so out of shape. At the end I was able to push through and finish strong. Even heard my dad yelling “kick it” at the end. 😉 I am excited that I did so well…


Earlier this week I developed excruciating pain in my left hip. As I evaluated why I was hurting I discovered I was wearing horrible shoes and my hubby was kind enough to point out I’ve been spending WAY too much time on the couch. 😦


So, Wednesday I started “moving”and wearing good tennies.  I was really nervous about today’s event and the pain in that hip.

Then I started running. Other than being horribly winded and a lovely shade of crimson at the finish line I felt great! The hip pain is gone.

Thank you Bonita Banner

Thank you Bonita Banner

Dr. Green of Chiropractic Care & Rehab frequently talks about movement for healing, today is a testament to this concept. Long ago I would have babied that hip and wondered why it kept getting worse… Today, I know that if I begin moving and working those muscles with care they will loosen up and work better.

I am not advocating that you go out and over do it when you hurt, especially if you have done something to injure yourself. I AM saying if you’ve not done anything too injure yourself and you start hurting in a joint area… Get moving….


The exercise you ARE getting–without the credit.

A friend, and client, recently stated, “I would love to hear some non-workout- exercise ideas that don’t require massive sweating or leaving kids to be watched by daddy.”

This got me to thinking…  Many of us get exercise weekly or even daily that we don’t give ourselves credit for.  There was a study done on those working in housekeeping. Perhaps, we need to look at the things we are already doing and give ourselves the credit for what we are doing.

30 minutes of our daily activities can burn some calories for us. Here are some examples and the calories burned in a 30 minute session.

Active Gardening 37 Calories
Carrying a Heavy object 49 Calories
Carrying Groceries 72 Calories
Dance 225 Calories
House Cleaning 34 Calories
Roll in the Hay 17 Calories
Mopping 23 Calories
Mowing the Lawn 51 Calories
Actively playing with your Kids 28 Calories
Scrubbing Floors 34 Calories
Shopping for Groceries 23 Calories
Take the Stairs 43 Calories
Walking 34 Calories (depends on Pace)


This is a GREAT way to begin thinking about the things you do on a daily basis and the calories that it burns.  Things add up and your activity level does too.


Playing at the park, we chase her around on all the apparatus and play too!

tim bowling

Occasionally we go bowling with friends.

Some other ideas for some “non-traditional” exercise might be…

Park farther from the store.
Take the stairs when you have <5 floors to cover.
Walk around the block while your kids scooter.
Walk to the neighbors, the store, the playground.
Do crunches in your home.
Sign up for B.U.R.S.T.club.com workouts (11 minutes)
Do squats while watching a favorite TV program.
Have a “Dance Party” with your kids
Play Football with your Kids (or soccer/volleyball/etc.)
Swim/Tread water  152-167 Calories in 30 minutes
Challenge your kids to workout with you
Walk the dog
Wash the cars



Daddy & CLB having scooter races in the driveway.

We frequently have dance party in our home, do bike/scooter rides as a family, walk places, and just move about playing tag.  We have friends who get together and ski most weekends in the summer. (Pretty sure that counts as exercise) Just make ways to be more active, change your habits – even dance while you cook dinner – kill two birds with one stone and eat it for dinner!

Erick Flinn

Erick, barefooting. 

What things do your families do to stay active?

Movement is Key to Sustained Good Health

When my health was at my worst, my depression its worst, was when I was not moving. I was in a spiral and things just kept getting worse, until I chose to begin moving.

I moved a little at a time and gradually increased my duration and intensity. Today, I am a walker. (I don’t run, Zumba, or cross fit, I just walk and make smart healthy choices.)

Today, I want to offer to you, the choice to begin dancing like no one is watching.  Whether that is on the dance floor all night or just in the comfort of your own living room, or at the beach…

Once the movement begins, the healthier choices begin, the spiral makes a 180 and you discover more energy, fewer aches and pains, and in my case no more pharmaceuticals. (I’m down 55 pounds and off 6 prescription meds for good.)

If you’d like more information on how to Feel Good Fast then subscribe to my blog, or contact me to get your health 180 started.  We can get you facing in the right direction and help you to Feel Good Fast too!