What you wear CAN make a difference. Sparkle Skirts

Comfort when walking or working out is very important. If you aren’t comfortable you can spend more time worrying and thinking about how your clothes fit (or don’t) than on muscle control and technique.

I do A LOT of walking, on purpose.  Smile  I have walked in a lot of different attire, including tutus, and other inappropriate clothing for working out.

I understand the discomfort of shorts riding up between my legs, wedgies, pulling them up repeatedly so they would not fall off, and just being annoyed by the fit.

Healthy Knees

Attractive, yes. Functional, not so much – annoyed for 60 miles in a tutu…


Again, cute, however… these skirts lasted only 20 miles.


Comfortable, functional, useful, AWESOME.  This is one of my Sparkle Skirts.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this skirt. 

A friend of mine recently asked me about my Sparkle Skirt. I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I started telling her about it.  Here is how the conversation went.


It appears I was having some issues typing, but you get the gist.

I highly recommend these American made gems.  Functionality, appearance, comfort all A+++.

I am also excited at the spread of sizing.  0-3X and on occasion they will accept special orders for 4X.  Everyone deserves the right to look good, feel good, and be comfortable when working to improve their health and Feel Good Fast. 

Thank you, Sparkle Skirts!  And I do wish I could wear them to work! That would give me good reason to walk the 2 miles rather than drive them!!!

If you would like information on local walking events or healthy support groups, contact me!

This last photo is an inspiration to me.


Just for the fun of it.  These two men, wore these skirts, 60 miles at a time for 14 60-mile walks in 2012!  They are living by example!  They were fascinating to talk with.  Walking for a wife.

(No, these men are not wearing sparkle skirts.)

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