Am I Clouding up for a Health Storm?

I CAN create you own health, whether I realize it or not, and whether I want to or not. 

Whether or not it can be freely expressed depends upon the strength and vitality of your tissue cells—and the strength and vitality of those cells depends upon the nutritional substances I provide.

Cloudy Health

If I don’t provide the proper building materials, how can I expect my body to build quality cells.  If I don’t have quality cells, how can my body hold up to all the stresses I place on it? My diet, my supplements, and the products I surround my body and home in can either support health or detract from it. 

When I, personally, begin Clouding up, my first thought to myself is, “What’s missing? What can I do to assist my body in repairing this issue?”

For this reason, I try to make more conscious choices in the things that surround me, the things I slather on me, and the things I eat.  It does make a difference.

I am a living example of my own choices.

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