Attention to Prevention–Water and other Drinks

The beginning of a healthy lifestyle does NOT begin with a prescription or something man has invented… it begins with the simple, life-giving, pure water.

I talk a lot about water, but it is so important in our day to day lives let alone in our attempts to avoid the major degenerative diseases. It’s the starting point when beginning a weight loss program, or a lifestyle change toward better health!

Our daily goal should be to drink the appropriate amount of water.

(Your weight in pounds/2 = your daily goal in ounces of water)

Life giving Water

The goal of drinking fluids is to hydrate your body. (not dehydrate)

Water Does many, many things for our bodies.  It flushes toxins our bodies, assists with digestion and metabolism, keeps our kidneys healthy, and even enhances brain function.  Amazing cool clean water.

When choosing what to drink, here’s a helpful chart.

Hydrating (in order of value)               Dehydrating

Purified Water

Tap Water Caffeinated tea
Bottled Water Beer
Juice –fresh-squeezed better Wine
Herbal teas, non-caffeine All other alcoholic drinks
Milk & non-milk(soy,rice,almond) Carbonated soda w/ caffeine
Carbonated soda w/o caffeine  

(information from Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual by, Reeder & Dr. Couey)

For more information on ways water could assist you in improving your health, please contact me.


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