I gained 4 pounds, YESTERDAY?????

I am one of those people who weighs herself almost daily.  I’m not obsessed about the number on the scale, I worry more about how my clothes fit and how I feel for my status quo than that silly number.

But…that silly number can tell us a lot! Yesterday, the number on my scale was FOUR POUNDS HEAVIER than the day before.  What should I do???


What would you do?  These are things that people I know would have done.  One of them is what I do.

  1. If we Starve ourselves all day, we actually set ourselves up for a bigger failure.  Our metabolism drops into starvation mode and we will begin packing on more weight.
  2. DO NOT give up!  You can do this, remember the straight line. Sensible choices and movement.
  3. YES!!!!  A large jump in weight in a 24-hours could mean a couple of things.  a. you are dehydrated and your body is retaining water to protect itself. b. your bowels are sluggish and need to empty quicker… increased water helps both situations.
  4. Yeah, this option just costs time and money…so, NO.

Once again, my answer is DRINK MORE WATER!  Because you haven’t heard me say that before.

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