My 2012 Resolution and the Straight Line

My 2012 Resolution was to read the Bible. The entire Bible. I had tried this before and failed, beat myself up, and given up.  This time was different.

I got a reading plan from my friend Camille, that she was using to read through her Bible, and I followed that program.


It wasn’t always easy, and I didn’t complete the task in 2012.  It took me an additional 12 days to complete it, but I DID IT! 

My challenges were the same for this goal, as they have been for any other goal I’ve worked for.  There was a time commitment, I needed to be consistent, and I needed to commit to the goal. 

I did very well, only fell behind a couple of times, then caught up…until… October 26th.  On October 26th I stopped reading and got out of the habit, and found it excruciatingly difficult to find the time, to find the desire to complete it.  I fell a month behind and then began the usual.

Healthy Grease Monkey - Goal Straight Line 

I am so happy that I finally STOPPED, beating myself up, laying blame and guilt on myself, and just got back on that “line” toward my goal. Its been the same for any goal for me – weight loss, training for an event, eating healthy. 

I get into a great routine, its going well, then “life” happens and interrupts the routine and instead of just going back to the line I get stuck in the circle of Guilt, Blame & Shame until that goal is all but out of sight.


2013 Resolutions:

  • Enroll a team for at least 1 walk/run event per month.
  • Invite those striving for better health to join me on those events.
  • Celebrate the victories, no matter how small.
  • Get over the stumbles, get back on the line, and achieve.
  • Assist others in attaining better health.


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