Yesterday I saw an ad on my Facebook page for the “Latest Diet Craze”.  Why was I drawn to this?

Later in the day, a friend and I were talking and she said something that resonated with me. Something I remember saying to myself, many years ago.

Inside, I still feel like the skinny, strong girl. When I look in the mirror, I still see that skinny girl, but when I see a photo of myself, I’m not.  When I try to run or be active I discover I am not…  I want to get her back!

I remember feeling this way in 1999. I had just gotten photos from a friend’s wedding in the mail and it took me a moment to realize the “fat girl” in the photos was me. My health was failing, my energy level was flat, and I began trying every latest “craze” I came across.

New Craze Diets - Feel Good Fast

Flash forward to 2007 when I discovered that the latest craze wasn’t the answer. Old fashioned nutrition and choices are the answer. 

It isn’t a number on the scale, it IS how my clothes fit, what size they are, and how I feel. It is a daily decision to consume and use the products that promote health and choosing to eliminate that which does not.

Join us, April 18th for our Feel Good Fast Support Group meeting in Bonita Springs.  We are people working together to make healthful, lifestyle choices that will effect our life, our energy, and our ability to enjoy it!

Take life by the horns, enjoy it and feel good fast while doing it!

Migraines, Pharmaceuticals, & Fat–Gone

In 2001 I moved from Indiana to Florida and took a high school teaching job.  I was taking five pharmaceuticals for asthma and depression (and side effects from the Rx). 

On November 4th I attained a migraine.  I say attained because it stayed with me, in differing degrees, until February of 2002. I went to the family physician who had no answers, then to the neurologist who did MRI’s and scans to be sure there wasn’t any brain tumors. Eventually he added another drug to my protocol. It took another month or so after starting the meds until we got them at the “right level” so I wouldn’t have as many side effects.

In the days and years that followed I would get occasional migraines and headaches that were excruciating, until I made some personal changes in my life.

I began by making a few healthier choices daily.  Food based supplements, healthier food options, and eliminated many of the toxins in our home. (None of the nasty, strong smelling cleaners with poisons.)

As a result of conscious choices, and an excellent source of nutrition, I began losing weight, healthfully.  (By weight I don’t mean a number on a scale – I mean that my clothes fit better and my measurements decreased.)

A side benefit of the fat being gone was that I was able to wean off the anti-depressants, the asthma medications, the meds for the side effects, and the daily migraine pill.

My depression eased way off and I found other ways to keep it in check, like cognitive therapy.  It wasn’t for almost a year that I realized I just wasn’t getting headaches any more, AND… I had a new, thinner me with increased energy and a zest for life!

It never occurred to me that I could help my body by feeding it “good food”.  In agriculture, when a plant has a symptom we give it “food” to fix the nitrogen or other deficiencies.  When our car doesn’t run right, we listen to the symptoms, and repair what is wrong… we don’t feed it crappy gas, then expect it to run smoothly.

I am so happy to be able to share with others, what has worked for me.  Contact me for more information.