Yesterday I saw an ad on my Facebook page for the “Latest Diet Craze”.  Why was I drawn to this?

Later in the day, a friend and I were talking and she said something that resonated with me. Something I remember saying to myself, many years ago.

Inside, I still feel like the skinny, strong girl. When I look in the mirror, I still see that skinny girl, but when I see a photo of myself, I’m not.  When I try to run or be active I discover I am not…  I want to get her back!

I remember feeling this way in 1999. I had just gotten photos from a friend’s wedding in the mail and it took me a moment to realize the “fat girl” in the photos was me. My health was failing, my energy level was flat, and I began trying every latest “craze” I came across.

New Craze Diets - Feel Good Fast

Flash forward to 2007 when I discovered that the latest craze wasn’t the answer. Old fashioned nutrition and choices are the answer. 

It isn’t a number on the scale, it IS how my clothes fit, what size they are, and how I feel. It is a daily decision to consume and use the products that promote health and choosing to eliminate that which does not.

Join us, April 18th for our Feel Good Fast Support Group meeting in Bonita Springs.  We are people working together to make healthful, lifestyle choices that will effect our life, our energy, and our ability to enjoy it!

Take life by the horns, enjoy it and feel good fast while doing it!

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