Could your Gut be making you fat or sick?

Do I think your “gut” could be making you fat and sick?  Fat –Possibly? Sick – Very Possibly.

Obese couple


Our bodies are miraculous functioning gifts.  They are complex machines that need many things in balance to keep functioning properly. Our bodies were created by God (Genesis 1:27).  They were created to function as a whole entity, complete and perfect.  Our bodies were created with mechanisms to keep us warm, cool us off, fight off disease, heal from injuries, and in the case of our skin and bones, regenerate when broken.

The problem: Our digestive system is under attack from many different directions!

Our “gut” or digestive system is very, VERY important.  We get all of our nutrition (fuel) through the digestive system but it isn’t just a transport system, it also includes our immune system, and everything else.

Today, everything we see advertised on the television is meant to KILL germs and bacteria. The soap most use has the antibacterial component Triclosan along with many of the items we buy.

When we get sick, they give us anti-biotics to kill all the bacteria in our body. Unfortunately it kills the bad AND the good bacteria in our bodies.

The foods many choose to consume on a large scale, feed the bad bacteria which then can overtake the good bacteria and begin to cause havoc on our system as well. (2)

In the news today, they mentioned the fact that the microbiota in your system could even contribute to obesity.  (The key here is contribute – there are many facets to consider when looking at obesity.)  (1)

A solution: Add a quality probiotic to your daily routine/diet.  Remember that your stomach acids can kill 85-95% of the good bacteria moving through, so eat your probiotics with a good sized meal, (like dinner) to improve its chances of making it safely through OR choose a probiotic supplement from a trusted source.

ALSO, avoid excessive sugar intake. This includes refined flours, sugars, sugar substitutes, and highly processed foods and juices. 

Eat a balanced diet INCLUDING LOTS of Fruits and Vegetables. A recent study showed that those who ate a diet HIGH in Meat & Dairy caused the microflora in the digestive tract to change rapidly, and not necessarily for the good! (2)

Veggies - LifeInBonitaSprings

You always want to be sure that the supplements you choose are from a company that guarantees their product, that what it says it contains is REALLY what is in there and that nothing unwanted will be in the supplement as well!

There is a LOT of research going on right now involving the gut and the microbiome in our bodies. The hope is to understand more and to be able to help more people stay healthier to start with. (3)

For more information in regard to digestion and how it can affect our health here are some links.  An audio recording of Digestion Is the Key to Health by Dr. Frank Painter (43 minutes long)  and a video presentation entitled Protecting The Most Important Organ in Your Body. (40 minutes long)

For more information on healthy eating, healthy weight loss, and improving your health, contact me!

(1) (beginning at 1:55)



Photo of vegetables courtesy of Chris Griffith,

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