Easy Way to Add some Steps to your Day!

I talk with so many people who are SO busy.  Common things I hear are:  I’m too busy to work out. I don’t have time for a gym. I’ve got my children with me all the time… and many more. Cropped walkers By looking for little ways to add additional movement to our day, by making choices to add a couple steps here or there, we can significantly improve our health, increase our energy levels, and even reduce our waist size. Today, I am sharing a short video on one way I have increased my daily movement.  Its simple, its convenient, and I can even do it with my 7 year old in tow.  Smile

 I have no idea why the system won’t put my video here… so here’s the link.

I don’t think my camera phone liked the fog???

This is something I have implemented with my daughter and we do it frequently.  It also cuts WAY back on my stress level when trying to find the “closest” parking spot available! Make it a GREAT day! For more ideas or information, please feel free to contact me!