Photo Blog of Guided Walk through Bonita Bay

Thank you to my friend, Chris Griffith of Life in Bonita Springs  for suggesting this location for walking.

Bonita Bay Walking Trail Map

We arrived at 9 AM and parked at the Bay Presbyterian Church which put us right at the sidewalk entrance to the community.

Trails were clearly marked, beautiful, easy to walk, and full of friendly people.  I enjoyed the beginner’s walk trail at 1.6 miles in length. (The Yellow Trail)

I will definitely be back to try the other paths for our intermediate and advanced walks.  If you would like to be kept in the loop for our future walking events, follow us at our Feel Good Fast Facebook page where we keep our events posted and updated.

For more information on Simple Steps to Feel Good Fast, contact me.  We have something for everyone!

Where do you like to walk?

We are four weeks into the new year.  Better health and continued healthy living, as well as sharing it with others is my continued resolution for 2013.  In doing such, I am looking for new places to walk with my friends and family.


My goal is to compile a list of all the places to walk in the SW Florida area so when you are ready to try something new, you can click here and find somewhere new to try.

Contact me, here or on Facebook at Feel Good Fast and let me know where your favorite place to take a stroll or an aggressive walk and why you like that location and I will add it to our database!

Thank you!  Make it a GREAT Weekend.

PS: you can join us with the Feel Good Fast Walking team at the Moving Toward a Cure for Brain Tumors walk at Lakes Park tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM! Just Look around me.  I’ll be there in a black sparkle skirt and a couple of Team Mates.