Healthy squash grown locally for a healthy diet

Healthy Local Vegetables for Healthy DietThere’s a small farm stand in my neighborhood on Sunday mornings.  They park on the corner and set up a little table and offer locally grown produce for those interested.  I love it! Excellent produce, locally grown, fresh from the fields, & MUCH cheaper than at the grocery store.  Today I picked up some really good looking stuff! Cabbage, jalapeños, summer squash, morrows, and green beans.

In my attempt to maintain my retained girlish figure, I push myself to make sure I eat extra fruits and veggies, even to the point where I will make myself an extra serving at dinner, including things my hubby and daughter will not eat. SmileHoping she will notice the good example and begin eating more.  She must take at least one taste of everything.

Squash is something we all eat, and I fix it many different ways.  Tonight, I just steamed a yellow squash cut into chunks and consumed it with a bit of sea salt.  Yummmers

I wanted to share some of the health benefits of these great produce treats.

Summer squash are effective diuretics and their potassium content means they are beneficial for those with high blood pressure. Summer squash does contain small amounts of beta carotene. Because of their high water content, all squash are low in calories.   (Wholefoods with recipes for health and healing, Nicola Graimes)

I love to shred these babies up and add them to my tomato sauces, lasagnas, and soups. Just adds a bit more nutrition to the dinner being made and some more fiber as well.

If you would like more information on methods for lowering blood pressure naturally, please, feel free to contact me.