Common Weight Loss Mistake–Not eating enough

You’ve decided that dropping a few pounds would be beneficial for your well being, and make those jeans fit better, so you think to yourself, EASY!!!  I’ll just cut my calories in half, drop a few pounds, and all will be well.


Weight Loss Assistance Available

Yes, you can lose weight by dropping your calories, however, when you drop too many calories, you run the risk of slowing your metabolism by dropping muscle mass.  On most diets you lose fat AND muscle mass, then when you go off the “diet” you put the weight right back on. (plus some in my case)

Instead of forgoing eating, perhaps, eating with a purpose, and eating foods that support your metabolism, are balanced to provide you the nutrition needed to maintain your health and well being.


Look for trusted systems that couple sound science with complete nutrition.  Avoid chemicals or pills with side effects.  Natural solutions that help maintain your muscle mass and perhaps even boosts that metabolism.

I broke the cycle this way, and have maintained my 55 pounds of weight loss for 5 years, easily. (update – it’s now been 8+ years…)

Our clients  are smart about their health, they search for wisdom from nature before they reach for over the counter drugs or prescriptions. They are passionate about creating a non-toxic environment for themselves and their families, and they are fussy about ingredients in whatever they consume. They are committed to investing in prevention and education so they can reserve the meds and MD visits for the critical care and emergencies.

If you’ve got the Drive, we’ve got the Vehicle!

Human Engine

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