The Dreaded Diet Cycle–Don’t get trapped

I love the roller coaster as much as the next guy, however I did NOT enjoy the weight loss roller coaster that I rode for years. Up to 200 pounds, back down to 170, back up to 185, back down to 165… I was ready to get off the ride, however I didn’t understand what was happening. 

Weight Loss Roller Coaster

Now I do know. I understand how the cycle works, and I make it

Diet Cycle

We begin by deciding to make a change.

  • We diet. We cut back on calories with the intention of shedding the pounds. 
  • Due to insufficient fuel, the body drops into the FAMINE response.
    • The body cannibalizes lean muscle and fat
    • Our Metabolic rate drops from decreased muscle mass
    • Our body begins increasing fat storage
    • Our energy levels drop
  • We fall off the wagon and return to “normal” calorie levels
  • The body jumps into the FEAST response
    • We have a reduced metabolism from lost muscles
    • We regain weight from fat (so when we are back to our original weight, we have twice as much fat as the muscle we lost)
  • We gain it all back, as fat, and decide to try it again
  • We diet…

It wasn’t until I understood this cycle, and had a friend teach me how to overcome this cycle that I was able to get off the roller coaster once and for all!  Now, I’m a lean mean racing machine, loving life, and full of energy.

If you would like additional information on how to get off this weight loss roller coaster too, drop us a line, I am happy to work with you.

If you’ve got the Drive, we’ve got the Vehicle!

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