When your Healthy Choices are Sabotaged…

Many of us have heard the old adage, 21 days to change a habit, but what about those days that work to thwart our efforts?

Many of my clients have found that there are particular days that are more challenging than others. They have also discovered that if they are aware of what days these could be, they are better able to work through them and not allow these stumbling blocks to to trip them up.

Would you like to know what days of the new habit/choice to expect these flashing yellow lights. When to expect the challenges?  I will share with you.

Be on the lookout for challenges on days:


What do I mean my challenges? Perhaps your blender breaks so you “can’t” make your smoothie.  You lose your “water glass” at work so you don’t have it in front of you all day.  It’s cold or it rains to make you second guess getting out there to take the walk you had scheduled.

These are the days that define your new habit, new lifestyle, new choices.  These are the days that give you reason to go back to your old habits and stray from the new ones. 

Be AWARE of what day it is.  Know that things might jump out at you to distract you, and remember YOU CAN DO IT! You DO have a CHOICE – which choice will YOU make?

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