“I’m a mom, I don’t have time for cancer”

How close are we to personal health & financial devastation?

22 years ago I met a fun loving gal at Purdue University at the ZTA house. We pledged together and vowed to be sisters for life.

Life has gone on, we’ve gone our separate ways, but Facebook has brought us back together.  Franny now lives in NW Indiana and I live here in sunny, SW Florida.

Today, I want to tell you Franny’s story.  One that many aren’t to far from repeating, they just don’t realize it yet.

Meet Franny.

They were your typical family.  Everything was going great. Franny’s Thirty-One Gifts business was beginning to thrive, hubby was working hard and they were living the American dream.  In the blink of an eye, things began to change.

January 2012  – Her husband lost his job and we lost our insurance

February 2012 – Franny found a lump in her neck (She didn’t have it checked out because they didn’t have any insurance and they were down to her Thirty-One Gifts Business income)

April 2012 – The lump began getting bigger

May 2012 – Finally went to the doctor; had ultrasound and blood work

June 2012 – Biopsy, abnormal cells – cancer still unknown

July 2012 –  Oncologist, advanced blood work-up, thyroid levels normal
Lump defined as a nodule. Left up to her to see a surgeon

August 2012 – Advised “leave it or have it removed” 4% chance cancer

December 2012 – Right thyroid removed with nodule

January 2013 – thyroid was cancerous nodule not.  30% chance left
nodule was cancerous too – recommended they remove

February 2013 – Left thyroid removed. Difficult surgery, vocal chords
damaged 6-12 months to heal and recover

March 2013 – CONFIRMED left thyroid lobe was cancerous.

Currently, Franny is awaiting diagnosis and whether she will need to undergo radioactive iodine treatments or not.  All of this, while caring for her babies, running her 31 gifts business, and without insurance.

My mission, is to get her the supplemental nutrition she needs to heal faster.

My request is for those who can, would you assist me in supporting her.

  1. Prayers are requested for healing, understanding, peace, joy, time with her family stress free. 
  2. If you would like more information on how you can sponsor this wonderful gal, her recovery nutrition, and her family, please contact me.

Franny Flyer

When three people purchase the Lean & Healthy Kit nutrition kit to improve and support their own health, Franny gets her’s free.  I have 2 people already committed to improving their own health as a means to also support and “sponsor” Franny’s.

If you or someone you know is interested in supporting your own health, and in turn allowing Franny’s kit to be complimentary, please let me know.

If you know someone else recovering from cancer that could benefit from this model, contact me.  I am happy to get this going for them as well.

Working to be part of the solution!  – Think outside the box!