Could Snacking make you skinny?

Many people, who want to lose weight begin by cutting WAY back on what they eat. (calories)  This method usually sets that person up for failure on many different levels. (Many, we have discussed before.)

One of the issues that occur when we starve ourselves is the feelings of hunger and for many the resulting binge.  (Like a whole bag of Oreos or an entire pizza by yourself)

This is where healthy, proportionate snacking could actually assist you in your efforts to lose the inches, increase your energy levels and improve your overall health.

If we look at hunger on a simple, 5-point scale…

Hunger Scale Healthy Grease Monkey

How do YOU know when you are hungry?  Are you even aware? What are your signs?  Rumbling belly, dizziness, ANGER, grumpiness, exhaustion, headaches, etc.

Therein lies the issue.  If your symptoms of hunger are those listed above, you have waited TOO LONG to eat!  You are at the “I could eat the ENTIRE ass end of that cow” end of the scale.

Your body has passed the rational judgment point about food  and your ability to distinguish the signs of satisfaction, BEFORE you reach the other end of this spectrum is most likely null & void.

So, my suggestion to you, pay attention to your body’s signals, keep healthy snacks full of protein and healthy fiber on hand or near to keep you between that I’m hungry and I’m satisfied levels.  This is also where our metabolism functions at its best and we can keep the inches from calling in friends around our middle.

Have a great day and perhaps, an apple with some organic, natural peanut butter for a snack!