Training for a (mostly) pain free 60-mile walk

I’ve focused a lot this month on snacks and snacking as a way to maintain health.  For the next couple of weeks, I plan to focus on training for a (mostly) pain free 60-mile walk

I write this as something of which I have first hand experience. I began walking these events as a tribute to my mother, a now, 12 year survivor.


My first walk was in Farmington Hills, Michigan in 2004. One WEEK after my first hurricane, Hurricane Charlie.  The pain I experienced after this walk, I attributed to the fact that I trained on the flat roads of SW Florida and the event was in Farmington HILLS. Winking smile  I now know differently.

My second in 2005 was in St. Petersburg, Florida, and during a monsoon.  Not sure what I attributed the pain to after this event, but it was SO excruciating that I vowed to never walk again.  And I didn’t, for several years.


My third in 2011 was also in St Pete. (as have all since)  My ZTA sorority sister, Kendrick Hueble, succumbed to the disease in February of 2011. The idea of the pain she endured, the pain her family endured(s), was nothing compared to the, now dwindling memory, pain after my first two walks. 

I forgot about the former painful results and the fact that I was now 6 years older and into my 40’s”

The pain wasn’t nearly the issue it had been so may years prior.  In fact, it was darn near gone.  I had some stiff muscles, but as I continued to stretch and keep moving, they loosened up and I felt pretty GREAT!

Healthy Knees

My fourth, last year, was amazing.  Other than spending twice as long on my feet as I had planned/anticipated each day, it was amazing at how good I felt.  I trained the same for all 4 of these walks.  The only two factors that were different were my age (not in my favor) and my nutritional choices and, evidently, my health and ability to heal.

2012 WALK

My fifth, to occur a mere 60 days from now! I decided 2 weeks ago, I would WALK this final Tampa Bay event… With only 2.5 months to train for it.  My nutrition and other choices will assist or hinder me as I PUSH to train for a long distance event in a mere 67 days. (I only have 1 day a week to complete long distance training walks)


The next few blogs will focus on suggestions for optimum recovery and stamina being built for a healthy full 60 miles without needing a week of recovery time when its over.

Items I will discuss:

  1. The right gear
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Don’t poison yourself
  4. Nutrition during training
  5. Nutrition during the event
  6. Recovery process (to be continued)

I’m not focusing on the actual training schedule as that is provided by the SGK website for all walkers.  I am using a RAMPED up hybrid of this table to be ready for the event on time.

For more information, stay tuned, or contact me.

To support me in my fundraising efforts, you can visit my 3-day Walk web page.


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