Help the Philippine’s–Use Leverage to give more! Don’t get Taken

The tragic news of this Typhoon just keeps getting worse.  I want to reach out to all those people and hug them and tell them it will be okay and do something to help make it all okay!

When I look at helping a cause, I am very skeptical because I don’t want to give $100 to a cause, only to find out that $50 of it is going to something other than helping that person.  I am very picky about where I spend my philanthropic dollars. I strongly dislike donation scams!

I get REALLY ticked off when I find out that millions of people are “texting $10” to a cause, only to find out up to 50% of that donation can go to the carrier service – meaning you only gave half as much.

In some cases, up to 50% of a donation would go to the mobile service provider ~Wickipedia

Many of you know I support Susan G. Komen. I have seen their help first hand. This group assisted my mother in getting the services and treatments needed 12 years ago, so she is still here today to see and play with her grandbaby!

Becky & CLBMom&Dad

I also support Rotary International Foundation.  100% of the Money given to this organization GOES. TO. CHARITY.  ALL OF IT.  The foundation runs itself through interest and all the money comes back to help others.  I have proposed that my Rotary club, Rotary of Bonita Springs Noon, sponsor some Shelter Boxes to goto the people of the Philippine’s. We will be holding a HUGE fund raiser this weekend. The monies raised will go for all kinds of local philanthropies, food pantries, and some of it will go to send temporary housing and supplies to those effected by this tragedy. 


Finally, I am so excited.  The company that I partner with and trust with my family and friends has a non-profit as well!  Shaklee Cares.

For the next 3 days every donation or purchase of a Shaklee Cares Package for the Philippine’s will be MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR.  200% of what you give will go DIRECTLY to those in need!

This really excites me!  You can visit the website:  or you can contact me and order a nutrition package for someone in the Philippines!

Shaklee Cares Phillipines

Give back, but give smart!  Make the dollars helping others, stretch!

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