My Biography, for those wondering who I am.

Tess is a Certified Master Life Coach through Shift & Wake Up, a Certified Personal Trainer through IMA, and a Shaklee 180 Specialist who owns The Healthy Grease Monkey and focuses on improving health, increasing energy levels, and reducing stresses on her clients’ bodies through a wholistic approach.


Having weighed over 200 pounds, twice, and having been prescribed to take 6+ pharmaceuticals a day for various maladies (and the side effects from the other Rx), she is now prescription free and 55 pounds lighter – for over 7 years.


Through daily choices of nutrition, movement, thought processes, and product usage, Tess was able to gradually lose the weight and pharmaceuticals and maintain her good health, increased energy levels and has reduced the daily stresses to her body.


Tess offers personal coaching, group coaching, muscle reset and walking classes, as well as weekly support groups for those looking to improve their health.

As a certified Training Walk Leader for the Susan G Komen 3-day 60-mile Walk events, she knows what it takes and how to train for and complete long distance events to allow for little to no recovery time, post event.

Her experience as a Public Speaker for groups of 3-3,000 and her experience as a high school teacher, Tess understands that not everyone learns or progresses at the same rate and she tailor’s her programs to each and every student.

This wife & mother of 1 daughter is very active in PTO, Rotary, has completed 5 -60-mile walks, and is training for her 6th in October. Health is her passion, helping other is her purpose.


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