Christmas, the best laid plans… Its not about being perfect.

I really had a relaxed attitude about Christmas dinner this year. It was going to be super easy, nothing really difficult, I had it all under control, or so I thought.

I got up and 5:15 and started the bread dough to make Christmas Cinnamon rolls then returned to bed.  When the timer for the rising mound of goodness went off I got up for the day to begin the wonderful feast.

I turned on the oven to 400 degrees and I made 1 loaf of bread from the dough and a small pan of cinnamon buns for the other, and placed them on the stovetop to rise as the oven heated and headed to open gifts.



After 30 minutes I returned to the kitchen to put the rolls in the oven. (we had been opening gifts for those 30 minutes but still had more to go…that’s a whole ‘nother story) Plan B

Upon returning to the kitchen I realize… the range has died.  No heat, no warmth, no cooking/baking/roasting/broiling to be had at this location.


NOT TO FEAR!!! Daddy got a new grill this year.  Smile 

We heated the grill and baked on the top rack of the grill using the thermometer to watch the temperature periodically as we continued to open gifts.


Not too bad and very tasty.  (The circle on the top of the bread is where it rose into the smokestack in the top of the grill.)

Time to start the home made “tasty beans” as my daughter loves them but cannot eat the store bought variety. (also known as baked beans) I fired up the crock pot, added the ingredients and all is on its way to a tasty dinner.


Now onto the rest of the dinner. Had all day to prepare since our meal wasn’t until 4 PM, so there was no rush. I made cream of anything soup on the grill’s side burner for the Green Bean casserole.

I reached into the veggie drawer in the fridge and my three, HUGE sweet potatoes were all rotten. I opened the freezer and my French cut green beans were missing. I had no other potatoes in the house.  What now?  SWEETBAY!!! They are always open on the Holidays.


plan C

I found a package of instant mashed potatoes in the back of the pantry cabinet. (My daughter can’t eat those – nasty ol’ corn) There’s a potato for our traditional Christmas dinner.

My turkey had been cooking in the crock pot all day, the spiral ham slices had thawed nicely.  I returned to the grill burner to make traditional cranberry salad.  This turned out to be a snap and very easy.

I reached into the cabinet to pull out my bread board and wall-a… it is now TWO bread boards. I sat down to enjoy a short cry and watch some “Lifetime” Christmas movie.


I found a lone mater in the fridge so I made a small batch of pico de gallo to add to the festive coloring of my dinner and kick it up a notch! (Hubby loves my pico)

Since I wasn’t sure about how many we would have for dinner, the only veggie I had enough of were peas.  So we had PEAS for Christmas.  You know, PEAS on EARTH and all!


It was a lovely, relaxing dinner with a couple of friends.  A very Old Fashioned Christmas as we prepared what we had and shared with friends.  Desert was organic ice cream with the option for Reindeer cookies.



It’s not about being perfect.

Its about making what you have the perfect option.