I want to Feel Good Fast

A few tips on how to begin to Feel Good Fast.

In today’s society, everyone wants everything FAST! NOW! IMMEDIATELY! LIKE YESTERDAY!

If your goal is to Feel Good Fast there are a few things you can do to begin getting there.  Here are a few tips.

  1. Focus on what is good.  No matter how tiny the detail. Focus on SEEING what is GOOD.  Allow yourself to let the not-so-good pass away.
  2. Think about what you are putting into your mouth before you put it there. 
    • dirty hands – wash them, its cold and flu season
    • junk food – there are better fast food options
    • soda pop – water, herbal teas, even A cup of coffee is better
  3. Think about Moving. Move your body, begin making a conscious decision to take the stairs one floor rather than the elevator.  Park 2 spaces farther from the store. Walk to the mailbox and back TWICE.   Just get moving.  Add a bit more to your daily grind, and make it a pleasant choice – NOT a requirement. 
  4. Invite friends to join you in the journey.
  5. Be patient, you didn’t get to the place you are over night, it takes time to get out of shape and develop degenerative diseases, and time to get that health back.
  6. Ask for help. We are here to support you through:
    • Support Groups
    • Education
    • Personal Consultations
    • Resources

Power of 7

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