Overcoming Personal Struggles in Health & Weight Management.

Yes, I’ve lost 55 pounds. Yes, I’ve maintained it for 6+ years. Yes, I am a coach. and Yes, I still struggle with the couch.

Last Sunday, a friend from church approached me and shared that she was dealing with some struggles. We represent different products/plans in the weight loss/waist reduction industry.  We are both coaches.

Her comment to me was, “I am finding myself struggling with old habits. I KNOW what I need to do, but am finding resistance in myself in those areas.”

WOW!  Did I need to hear that.  It’s a week later and we are still marching on. I know she is with clients today, and pray all goes well for her. I remember thinking, I am the coach, I should not be struggling with this.  And I think I remember her saying something similar.

Remember to be kind to yourself!

In my first level team coaching class I teach a technique called “Eating with Fierce Kindness” it comes from a book written by Sasha Loring. Frequently, I hear my clients and friends tell me, “I know what to do, I know what to eat, I JUST DON’T DO IT.” 

I can relate, I was there.  I have “flash backs” where those old habits return and it is sometimes challenging to push those old habits away.

Things get in the way of “good health” just like things get in the way of any other goal or choice we make. 

  • It rains for daysScreenshot - Games
  • Its only sunny when I am at work
  • Kids needs
  • Family/friends needs
  • I’m tired
  • I’ll just play ONE game on my droid…

That’s my struggle – games on my iPad or Droid.  I will admit it. I like to play games and will lose track of time.  Its meant to be just one game, but then that one is so quick that… before I know it, and hour has gone by.  An hour I could have walked, prepared healthy food, played with my child.  For me, I have to limit myself to a couple of games right before bed or while I ride and my hubby drives.  Here are the steps I use to “get back on track”.

4 Steps to Overcoming the bad habits

My first recommendation is to Be Kind to yourself. We are ALL human. We all make mistakes. We can ALL learn new habits.

Second, I recommend, making Small Attainable Goals. When you reach that one, set another and begin working toward it.  Don’t give up, you CAN do it.

Third, Find a Partner, choose someone to work with you, support your, and hold each other accountable.  This person could be a spouse, a friend, local or long distance, even a coach to keep you going.  (I offer weekly groups of team coaching and a monthly support group to help people get together and do this.  Look for similar programs in your area.)

Fourth, remember these habits weren’t formed in a day.  It was formed through Daily Choices and Desires.  What are your desires? What will this new choice offer you in the long run? Remember to remind yourself of the benefits of this choice!   

Tosca Reno, in her book The Eat-Clean Diet shows a very good example of this.

Hey, if you made Starbucks your morning habit didn’t that take some doing? You had to get yourself there, stand in line, order your drink, pay for it, pick it up at the other end once the barista had made it and then get on with your day.  The same is true for McDonalds”

We are capable of MASTERING THE COUCH or the games, or the *insert your own struggle here*.  It may not be easy, but with perseverance, kindness to ourselves, and effort, each and every one of us Can Succeed! 


If you would like additional information on our coaching classes, support groups, or personal coaching, please contact me.  I am Happy to Help!