UPDATE: I’m a mom, I don’t have time for Cancer!

Its been a couple of weeks since I introduced you to my friend Franny, so I wanted to give you an update.


I received a message from Franny yesterday, that made me smile and spurred me on, to keep on walking through the night at the Relay for Life.  I want to share this message with you.

So, I am not sure what has caused me to be "not me" but I took both kids with me to sign my son up for t-ball, go INSIDE the bank, and walk/shop around Wal-mart for a long time. I actually shopped for necessities like toothpaste and toothbrushes and nail polish remover….that means I have the energy to paint my own nails!!!!!!! For the past year or more, I have dreaded doing ANYTHING with two kids and I was too tired to browse while shopping. I just went in, got out, and then it took me the whole day just to put all the stuff away. Or I would make my hubby shop!!! Tess, I have put make up on the past two days!!!!!!

After my nap today, I had to ask Franny, what has changed to cause this increase in energy.  I am aware of her efforts to “move more” as she has started walking regularly, either outside or on a treadmill, so I asked her.

How many days have you been exercising? When did you begin supplementing your nutrition? When did you begin noticing these differences?

I started the vitamins on the night of 4/2/13 and the smoothie on 4/3/12. Well, I don’t know. I did walk the week before I started using but not as long or intense. But I definitely know for a fact that it was Wednesday when my husband was impressed with what I did around the house that day.

I am so happy Franny is feeling better!  I look forward to working with her and following her progress.

This is not the first time I have seen others respond to the food based supplements so quickly.  Results depend on the individual, their mindset, their attention to prevention, and their consistency.

If you would like more information on how this system can work for you or someone you know, contact me.

Interview with Franny–Making time for health.

I talked with Franny this week and asked her a few questions about what she is looking for in her quest to heal and gain better health. 

I was somewhat amazed that many of the things that stand in the way of her feeling better are very similar to things that try to stand in my way at times.  Showing me, we are all humans in the same mix, working to make things better.


Here’s our interview:

What do you want to create in your life, health-wise? What is your goal?

I want to create a healthier me. I want to loose 70 lbs.

Great! Once accomplished, what will loosing 70 pounds and a healthier you do for you?

Live life more! Get more energy, reduce my risk risk of diabetes, bring back the spontaneous me!

What has been your resistance to this point?

A) Being a mom. I am tired when I wake up (that is getting better since I started my thyroid replacement pill). 

B) Having a husband who is not home. So I do a lot of the housework, cooking, school stuff, animal duties, etc.

C) Spending 98% of my day in the kitchen (it is where the dishwasher, stove, computer/office, & laundry room are located). This causes me to eat mindlessly.

D) Health issues that would improve if I lost the weight.

If it wasn’t  for the cancer thing, being overweight would be my only health problem.

Why is it important to you to create this in your life?

Create a healthier me? Because I want to do things with my kids, look younger than my husband, weigh less than my husband (lol), fit into cute clothes!

I do nothing for me. That has to change.

What amazed me about our interview was the fact that it sounded so familiar.  How many other moms out there are facing similar issues?

We will continue to follow Franny on her journey to better health.  Our goal is to give others the encouragement to make the move to better health as well. 

If you would like information on sponsoring Franny and her recovery, getting healthy yourself, or assisting a friend in need, as we are with Franny, contact me.  (tess@healthygreasemonkey.com)

You can do it, we can help support you!