Training for a pain free 60-mile (hydration)

This is probably one of the biggest issues in a 3-day.  The volunteers at the event do a VERY good job of being sure we are pushed to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, PEE! 

However, when we are training on our own, or before we get to the event, it can be very easy to “forget” how much WATER we have consumed. 

I emphasize WATER because sodas, coffee, teas (I’m not referring to caffeine free herbal teas here), and booze are counter productive in this instance. 

I train in SW Florida year round.  August is one of my bigger training months and it is also one of the hottest, so hydration becomes very important.  I must make sure that I am not setting myself up for failure in the days leading up to a big training walk. 

I, personally, strive to drink at least 75 ounces of water a day, on non-training day.  This keeps things “moving” throughout my body and prevents dehydration and other things.  I also pay close attention to my body while I am walking for any signs that I may need extra hydration.

Signs my body gives me to tell me I am moving toward dehydration:

  • Sausage Fingers – my fingers swell and my wedding band looks tight
  • Tight or Cramping muscles – this is the sign that I need to stretch A LOT, and something more than water is needed to get me back on track
  • Thirsty – once you feel thirsty, you have already begun the dehydration cycle
  • Light headed, dizzy (more so than normal Smile ) – time to sit down and cool off and drink, drink, drink


I carry 1.5 liters of water with me when training.  I know that should get me 6-8 miles into my walk and that I will need a refill at that point.  I plan my training walks to give me that option, specifically.

On a daily basis I carry my 16 ounce Tervis tumbler and fill it about 4 times per day with hydrating drinks. (water, fruit infused water, herbal teas)  I also know that if I choose to drink coffee, I will need to add more water to my daily total.

I stay away from “bottled” water.  The tap is more strictly regulated and enforced, there is less BPA and other plastic leachates in it, and I don’t have to pay to have it shipped anywhere.  I do use a filtration pitcher at home to give me more peace of mind and to pull out additional toxins.  Choose a brand you trust.


I don’t mean the clear liquid that comes in the gallon jug and burns on the way down. I avoid drinks of that nature.  I AM talking about REHYDRATION – electrolyte replacement beverages.

I don’t personally drink, or recommend, the mainstream beverages on the market.  If you ask my 6 yr old, the rule is, “if it come’s in blue, we don’t drink it.” 

Here’s what I look for in a replacement beverage:

  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors OR sweeteners
  • No caffeine
  • Evidence based science

I have a friend’s blog that explains what to look for in an electrolyte replacement beverage, she is much more knowledgeable than I am, I just know it works for me.  My choice of mix is Performance, it is rated as one of the top options on this blog as well

My next blog will be, “Don’t Poison Yourself”  hmmm…

For more information, follow me here, or contact me.  Until then, Happy walking!

Are spider webs causing you joint and muscle pain?

As I rounded the corner to 42, I noticed more aches and pains in my daily dealings.  I also noticed times when there were more aches and times when there were fewer.  It has occurred to me that these aches and pains are a direct correlation to my activity levels and my diet.


When I exercise regularly (that’s walking for me) my muscles and joints in my legs, back, arms and neck don’t hurt as much.  When I take my supplements and choose wise culinary options, I feel GREAT!

However, just as a spider web is built one strand at a time, so do the tight, sore muscles and joints in my body. When I don’t provide the nutrition my body needs its ability to run properly is compromised.

When I don’t get out there and walk or exercise from home in some way for days at a time, each day the aches and pains increase in number and intensity.

So, how do I unravel that web of pain and discomfort. I begin with gently stretching and adding some activity. I recommit to healthful eating. Rather than just eating for the moment, I make the effort to choose more fiber, higher quality protein and foods that support my health. I also opt for a massage from my trusted LMT at Serenity Healing Studio or Dr. Green, my Chiropractor for an adjustment.

Just because I abused my body and avoided healthy choices for years, doesn’t mean I can’t make a difference in my body’s ability to perform today.

Feel Good Fast -Power of 7

Please contact me for more information on how you can begin to unravel that spider web of tight muscles, and aches and pains.

Thank you to Chris Griffith and Life in Bonita Spring for the photo at the top of the page.