How do You Judge Weight Loss Success?

Health is not all about this number

In racing and cars, we use the dynamo-meter to measure our success or failure – where our horsepower and torque are – how fast and strong our vehicle is.  It helps, when rebuilding an engine, to know where you are beginning  and what your goals are for that engine.  The same is true with our human engines.

With healthy weight loss, it is NOT always about the number on the scale!  It is, in fact, about many different numbers.

  • Inches measured around (waist, arms, hips, chest, thighs)
  • The way your clothes fit
  • Your energy levels
  • Other issues plaguing you (HDL, LDL, Blood Sugar, etc.)

When you decide you are ready to begin, here’s a good place to start.

Tess, the Healthy Grease Monkey is here to support you when you are ready to stage and begin your race to better health, and we will be here to continue to support you in not only attaining that new found health, but also in maintaining that new lifestyle, for the long haul.

Weight Loss Finish Line

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