Healthy Supplementation–Why add anything Artificial?

REAL vs Imitation FlavorsI’ve been noticing many new diet shakes popping up, and many people are excited about the promises made in those shakes.  What I don’t understand, is the need for anything artificial in a product meant to improve my health.  Why is it many consumers today feel its okay to demand natural lemon in their cleaning products, but will happily purchase and consume things with artificial lemon (0r other) flavorings that they EAT?

I’m not going to jump all over the diet shakes, today.  Today, I just wanted to bring attention to our vitamins, supplements, and our children’s vitamins.  I am attempting, at best, to raise a little girl.  It is important to me that the foods I feed her are all natural, whole, wholesome, and beneficial.  For this reason, I choose NOT to offer her foods with artificial sweeteners that can anger the pancreas, artificial colors that seem to be linked to hyperactivity, or any artificial flavorings. There are plenty of natural, organic things that taste as good or better WITHOUT side effects. Smile

Vitamin Comparison

Compare the ingredients.  Flinstone vitamin ingredients come from their website on April 16, 2012. Incredivites ingredient list is from their bottle label.

I don’t understand taking a vitamin to improve my health LOADED with it artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colorings that can accumulate in and harm my body.  This is why I READ LABELS!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not raising my child in a bubble, she goes to school, she eats crap, she sneaks next door to the neighbors to bring home cupcakes half eaten before her arrival home. LOL  I just feel that in places I have a choice, I vote with my dollars to tell the manufacturers I prefer natural over artificial.

I have a choice, mainstream or search out healthy alternatives.

If you would like additional information on Food Based, High Quality Supplementation, contact me.  I’d love to talk with you, perhaps, what we have to offer could be a match for your needs.

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