Local Honey for Southwest Florida


Allergies are rampant this year.
Many holistic practitioners recommend local honey to help combat those symptoms. Sort of nature’s “allergy shot” but instead of an injection, you just do a tablespoon or more of honey a day and allow the sweet nectar made from your local plants to do the job.  There are MANY healthy benefits of Local honey, here is where you can get some.

Today, I just wanted to provide some options for LOCAL honey in my area.

Locations where I know you can buy local honey:  (READ the labels before you buy)

More than Honey (all raw)– Fort Myers can be found:

Rabbit Run Farms in Ft. Myers, FL (Buckingham area)
The Planted Pot in Naples Florida

Walker Farms Honey of North Fort Myers can be found:

Oakes Market in Naples
Ada’s Natural Foods in Fort Myers
For Goodness Sakes in Bonita Springs
Hyatt Regency in Bonita Springs – chefs use all local honey

Naples Honey Company

This company produces bulk wholesale honey, I have been unable to locate where they can be found.

Southern Pride Honey Company, LLC

The Sweet Boutique in Fort Myers
The Skinny Pantry in Fort Myers

Harold P. Curtis Honey Co.Labelle

Harold P. Curtis Honey Co. Store in Labelle

Alva Island FarmsAlva
Buy from them direct

My Neighbors – South Fort Myers
Buy direct from me!  $10 a pint or $20 a quart.  They’ve just harvested again. 2/27/13

Articles on the Benefits of Honey

Woman’s Health Mag
Global Healing Center
Alabama Cooperative Extension Service

As I receive additional information from my friends and other local Honey experts I will update this post!  Thank you for reading, and enjoy a big healthy dose of local honey!