What you eat for breakfast shapes your whole day. 1 of 2

Do you eat breakfast? I bet you do.  Whether your first meal of the day is at 5:00 AM or at 1:00 PM, you ARE eating breakfast.  That first meal of the day is breaking the fast.  What you choose to eat for this meal is just as important as when you eat it.

The American diet, and school breakfasts tend to offer many different refined carbohydrates. Muffins, toast, bagels, breakfast cereal, pop tarts…  This source of fuel allows our blood sugar to jump quickly.

Blood Sugar Roller coaster

Blood Sugar is basically what gives us our energy however when the blood sugar spikes, insulin is produced and released in large doses into our blood stream.  This rapidly drops our blood sugar levels taking us to the bottom of the energy roller coaster and we become grouchy, sleepy, angry, hungry and often, CRAVING what we ate in the first place.  Thus the need for the 10 AM run to the vending machine.

If we reach for another carb or a cup of coffee, that energy blast returns, but is short lived.  We tend to do this throughout our day when we begin with the “typical” fast breakfast choices.

Tomorrow, we will look at another alternative to a quick breakfast and how that one easy switch can shape your whole day.  Easily jump off of that rollercoaster and onto a steady people mover that will provide you with long term energy levels and balanced blood sugar.

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