Working to change my own stress habits.

Thank you, Madeline Ebelini!

Here’s the back story.

Today, I drove my 5 year old daughter and I the 35 miles to the drag strip to watch daddy race.  We’ve been having some vibration issues in the Yukon, but had been unable to diagnose the cause.

It rained.  They cancelled the race, and may of us were standing around, discussing the cancellation when a friend looked at the rear tire of my vehicle.  BIG bubble on the rear passenger tire.  Here’s where my stress kicked in.  I knew I had to drive my vehicle the 35 miles home with my 5 yr old in the back. Sad smile 


Enter Mindfulness.  A mere 2 months ago, I would have let the stress get to me until I was a complete wreck and on the verge of throwing up when I got home.  Not the case, this trip.

I began with the centering breath she taught us, moved to prayer and thanked my Lord for a safe trip home.  I began to feel the stress reaction in my system and I told myself, “yes, I am scared. Yes, this tire could blow. Yes, my daughter is strapped in tightly and my belt is on. Yes, my husband is in the car in front of me.” I smiled, noticed the sun shining through the clouds and that my heart rate had slowed, I wasn’t as tense. My knuckles weren’t white on the steering wheel.

I made it home, safely, calmly, and smiling.  No pent up stress, no locked up neck muscles, and ready to enjoy my family, now that we have the full size spare in the place of the damaged tire.

Mindful Based Stress Reduction works, habits can be broken, and life can be simpler.  Thank you, Madeline Ebelini and Integrative Mindfulness for making my drive home more pleasant.

Update: My hubby discovered that 3/4 tires had snapped radials.  Luckily he had spare mounted tires in storage so we could get me back on the road Sunday morning.  I am thankful to have such a smart and mechanically inclined hubby!

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