You Bought it, but you DON’T Have to Finish it!

While Christmas shopping last week, I decided I needed something to drink.  The little mini-fridge by the checkout didn’t have any water so…

No, you don’t have to finish it, make the healthy choice!

It is so amazing all the thoughts that ran through my head.

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees…
  • There are starving children in …
  • Waste not want not…
  • Clean your plate…
  • (enter your favorite here)

I know that I have said repeatedly, “the most expensive food we buy is food we throw away.” However, if what we purchased isn’t good for us, and we realize we don’t need it (because we DON’T) then get rid of it so it doesn’t continue to torment, taunt, and tease you into eating or drinking it. Smile

Contact me for more information on making healthier choices.

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