Water alternatives–how to drink tasty water

I run into people all the time who tell me I don’t like water. I have to ask:

  • Why?
  • What is it about the water you don’t like?
  • What water are you drinking?
  • Do you know what is or is not in your water?
  • What do you drink instead?

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t drink soda-pop. Or diet soda-pop. How about why not to drink “energy” drinks. (Because people are dying from drinking them?)

I would rather focus on what you CAN drink.

  1. Begin with Cool, Clear, PURE water. Bottled water is much less regulated than the tap, however we know from many reports, the tap frequently misses the mark as well.  An answer:Get_Clean_Water
  2. Add a little “spice” (I recently heard something that resonated with me. God made fruit juice so we would eat the fruit.)
    1. Sliced strawberries & lemon
    2. A few, fresh spearmint leaves
    3. Sliced cucumbers
    4. A splash of your favorite (no sugar added) fruit juiceFruit_infused_water
  3. or Add a straw of Energy Tea with Nothing artificial and only 5 calories.Energy_Tea

    1. Never more than 2 straws in a day.
    2. This product uses natural extracts of EGCG to boost your metabolism and your energy levels.

So, there you have it.  3 different ways to “like your water” and drink it too!

Contact me for more ideas and ways to begin to Feel Good Fast, improve your health and increase your energy!


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