What’s in MY fridge?

I got an interesting call Monday evening. Yvonne McClellan of the News-Press called and asked to interview me and see “What’s in my Fridge.”  So, to my house, she came to visit and check it out.  (Click on the photo to be taken to the video or click the link below.)

What's In Your Fridge by Yvonne McClellanhttp://www.news-press.com/videos/life/food/2014/05/07/8810263/

What surprised Yvonne about my fridge?

  • I have sour cream and mayonnaise in my refrigerator.
    • I have a husband who still eats foods I choose to avoid.
    • I DO eat sour cream – I read my labels so I am not eating extra ingredients, just whole cream.
  • How do I have time to make so many tasty foods?
    • I make many of the foods in bulk.
    • I have found it doesn’t take any longer to make it from scratch than it does from a box.
  • How do I make healthy dinners every night when I am such a busy mom?
    • Since I do cook in bulk, I freeze things in portion sizes so on busy nights I can just heat and eat.

Recipes from the video!

Pico de Gallo
Refried Beans
Peanut Butter Protein Bites
Fruit Infused Water
Cream of Anything (Base for Cream of ### soups)
Homemade Chicken Stock


This was so much fun!  I hope you enjoy.  Drop me a note and let me know “What’s in YOUR Fridge!”


  1. Hey, Tess. Wow! That is one humungous fridge–Very impressive. Thanks for the great idea of cooking in bulk. When I return to Maine shortly, we plan to eat lots more fresh veggies and fruit and local grass fed beef, buffalo, free range chicken, etc. We live in a rural area and local farmer’s markets make it possible to get good stuff without having to grow it. Staying somewhat busy with a large campground/cabin facility and babysitting two days a week for my 3-year old grandson should help keep me in shape and too busy to eat incorrectly. One challenge: stay away from our “cafe” which is primarily fast food like pizza and foods cooked in the fryolater. We’ve tried “healthier” menu items, but our customers are on vacation and have no interest in good earth food. Throwing away outdated product because no one is eating it, convinced us that we need to keep our customers happy and eat at home whenever possible.



    1. Lois, Thank you for your comments! Looks like you have an amazingly healthy summer planned! My dream is for the “majority” to choose healthier options and for our many restaurants and cafe’s to be thriving by serving healthy, colorful, tasty dishes.

      Keep up the Healthy Choices! Enjoy your summer! Hope to catch up via Facebook throughout the summer!



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