What Makes Me–Me?

Hmmm? What makes me, ME?  Good question?  If I am to take responsibility for all that I am, then the answer would be ME.  There are many factors that figure in to make each of us, who we are.

It is true, I am a product of my surroundings, my experiences, and MY CHOICES.

If I take responsibility for myself, and I CHOOSE to live as if my body is my temple, then I have a lot more CONTROL of who I become.  As a youth, I chose the State Level of Indiana FFA as my surroundings. I found ways to be involved, to assist, and to participate, and from those experiences I was given the opportunity to be a product of those experiences. These experiences taught me to love myself, that I CAN achieve goals and dreams, and that I CAN make a difference.

As a young adult, I CHOSE to jump into an unknown world with an  “unknown” person, and that time period taught me to loath myself, that I was worthless, that food was the answer, and that I was a victim to my surroundings.  Father John intervened for me, and corrected my path, and I thank him.  It was MY choice to attend his parish and MY choice to meet with him.

I again redirected my life to better choices, better vetted choices. Smile Friends from my past, whom I had shut out, reopened the doors to happiness.  At this point I began to love myself again. I realized I AM PRICELESS and I deserve to be treated as such. Not just from others, but from myself.

Today, I choose to surround myself with loving individuals, who lift me up. (There is still quite a bit of sarcasm in my life – but with more love)  I realized what I CHOOSE TO EAT, BREATHE, SLATHER ON, THINK, AND DO… can be MY CHOICE.  As can yours.

Time Out to Feel Good Fast

In the last month, I have been repeatedly overjoyed as the people I have surrounding me have achieved goals and milestones, and have begun the road to being kinder to themselves and to celebrating even the smallest of victories.

I am happy to be building communities for others to surround themselves with people, like myself, who see the value in themselves and each other on a daily basis, and the value that even the smallest changes toward the great good can make.


Feel Good Fast - what makes me me

Thank you, my friends – I hope you know who you are – who have shown me that I DO HAVE CONTROL of my choices in these 6 aspects of my life, and that small, gradual changes can have HUGE impact! 

If you read this and find yourself feeling lost, please contact me so we chat to see what simple step could be next for you… There are many doors, not every door will be for you, but one just might be.

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