Upcoming Classes Lunch4Health & Walk4Health

As I am wrapping up the Estero Introduction to Temple Maintenance Class at Estero United Methodist Church I am amazed at how quickly 7 weeks has passed.  We covered so much material in a mere 7 classes, WOW!

As April rapidly approaches, I am pleased to be offering some new classes as well.


Lunch4Health is a brown-bag lunchtime coaching group to provide community with each other in daily healthy choices and challenges.  This group is meant to support each other through the difficult challenges as well as celebrating the victories-no matter how small. 

This weekly group will provide educational information useful to improve health, increase energy levels, and even in reducing fat!  We will provide a safe environment to share, grow (or shrink), learn, and be accountable for our daily choices.

Bonita Springs – Tuesdays 11:45-12:45 in Bonita Springs at Integrative Mindfulness – 3372 Woods Edge Circle, Suite 102, Bonita Springs (Beginning April 1, 2014)

Fort Myers – Fridays 11:30-12:30 in Fort Myers at Shift and Wake Up! – 8359 Beacon Blvd, Suite 403, Fort Myers (Beginning April 4, 2014)

This class will meet on a weekly basis, cost is $20 per class.


Walk4Health Logo

Walk4Health is an opportunity to learn the benefits of healthy walking. Ramp up your energy levels one step at a time.

This program is for beginner to intermediate walkers. Those looking for improved health, but not sure how to begin – this gathering is for you! We will cover the basics and include some techniques for those looking to “step it up a notch” as well.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a long distance walker who has walked 5 60-mile walks and logged approximately 3,000 miles training that are so important to be able to, not only finish a 60-mile walk, but also to finish pain free and without any recovery time. She has walking down to a science.

Join us for a quick warm-up, geared to your own level, and an easy walk through the Estero Community Center or Lakes Park. There is a cement walkway around the park, for an even surface and a great place to begin the basics of walking. We will get some walking in as well as learn about what goes into safely ramping up your activity levels.

These classes are offered through Your Life Enrichment Center and available:

Estero – Tuesdays 8:30-9:30 AM at Estero Park, 9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd. Estero , Fl. 33928 April 1 & 15, 2014.

Fort Myers – Friday 8:30-9:30 AM at Lakes Park, 7330 Gladiolus Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33908 Meet at far left parking lot when you first come into park. April 4 & 18, 2014.

These classes will continue beyond April, however, beginning in May they will switch days.  Cost is $10 per session unless you are a member of Your Life Enrichment Center.

For additional information, feel free to contact me here or call 239-246-9488.


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