Obesity & Autism–a link???

I just turned on the news this evening and happened on the news report about women who are obese during pregnancy have a 67% greater chance of having a child with autism.


This is a new report, just released, and it raises many questions in my head.

  • Is it the diet of these mothers?
  • Is it the environmental conditions of these mothers?
  • Is it something triggered by the strain on the body from carrying the visceral fat?
  • The questions just keep popping into my head.  WOW

This just boggles my mind!  Since 1/3 of all expecting mothers are obese, and this seems to raise a woman’s chances of giving birth to an Autistic Child from 1 in 88 up to 1 in 53!  WOW!

One more reason why I am so glad to have found the difference healthy choices make, before I gave birth to my daughter.

I am happy to work with anyone who would like to commit to shedding these pounds before conception.

Not that obesity is the only factor here, we know there are more factors involved in Autism. I have many colleagues working with me to assist those dealing with autism, but it helps to have one more tool to fight back.


Autism linked to Obesity


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