Our largest organ is the biggest entry of poisons to our body.

In the last week, it seems, we have been bombarded about information regarding the toxins we put into our bodies on a daily basis.  Last week, I presented an informational health minute to my Rotary club on personal care products and the poisons contained in many of the common choices.  Our skin is the biggest organ in our body. (Although I have had a few guys in college try to tell me otherwise.) Smile

toxins we absorb

When we put anything on our skin, it is immediately absorbed and within 90 seconds it begins entering our blood stream. This is why so many different drugs are now being offered in patch form, it is an easy delivery system.

So why the big deal about our personal care products?  The cosmetics/personal care products industry is SELF REGULATED. This means the FDA doesn’t care what they put in the products we use. They don’t ask, they don’t check, it doesn’t matter.  The industry as a whole has set up ITS OWN governing body that sets ITS OWN limits on what can or cannot be used in products.  So they set a level of an ingredient, that has been deemed a toxin and recommend that companies not go over that level.

The average woman uses 9-14 personal care products on a daily basis. The average man uses 7-9. The visual above shows us some examples.  Lets say the products YOU CHOOSE are conservative and only have 85% of that thresh hold for a certain toxin. You use 8 products a day.

8x8.5 personal care graphic

That’s 6.8 TIMES the amount of that toxin that what has been deemed “safe” by the people making it.  Now, add the other chemicals from each of those products as well and you quickly discover the amount of stress being placed on your body on a daily basis, AND YOU HAVEN’T EVEN LEFT HOME!  Smile

I feel blessed to have found alternatives to these products.  Alternatives that don’t include any of these harmful ingredients.  If you, or someone you know is interested in alternatives, please contact me.  I am happy to discuss your needs with you.

Safe Personal Care

If you would like further information on this issue, here is another web article to check out.



There’s enough stress out there, without my adding to it first thing in the morning. Begin to reduce the taxing toxins from your life and begin seeing your health improve.

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