I Have a Favor to Ask of You-Kindness to Yourself

When you have a favor to ask a friend, how do you approach them?

If you would like your friend or a stranger to do something for you, how do you ask?

(Even in the case of my closest friends) I, personally, am nice to them. I know that by treating someone with kindness, they are more likely to cooperate with me, to help me achieve my task. (That’s not to say it’s the only time I’m nice to them – Julie Hollingsworth) Smile

Why then? When we want our bodies, or our minds, to do something for ourselves do we insist on being mean, and rude, and hurtful?


Do we think that by calling ourselves stupid, ignorant, goofy, wrong, or other mean names that it will actually convince ourselves to maintain the behavior we are trying to attain?  Would it work if you were calling someone else those words?  (Probably not for long.)

I know many a person who has sabotaged their own success by such negative talk.

Try instead to use a kinder approach with yourself.  “I slipped up, yes, and now I will remember to do the way I want it done the next time.” It doesn’t matter if its weight loss, healthier eating, exercising, or changing careers.

My friends at Integrative Mindfulness and Shift and Wake Up do an excellent job and teaching others to be kind to themselves, and I have been amazed at myself and those around me in the things we have accomplished once we began being nicer to ourselves.

So, do me a favor. Be kind to yourself, be patient, and treat yourself as you would treat anyone else you would like to do you a favor.